Where to begin....

Where to begin....
It's been 2 months since I posted last. So much has happened, and so much hasn't.
Honesty and raw emotion is how I am feeling at the moment so here goes...
Last time I wrote, I was so excited about my new ETSY shop. It was the first time I actually dove into something like that. Putting a craft (something I typically did for MY home and MY family- who don't really care about perfection) out there for others to buy and put in their homes. It was exciting and scary. The exciting part is that I was BUSY for the holidays. I had many orders to fill and I was able to make some money for the holidays (3 spoiled kids were thankful!). It was really nice to get started. But with a new venture like that, there are some bumps in the road. I realized that the space I have available is not conducive to making a big product like the signs I was doing. I also realized that shipping is a big pain in the behind. So...with some uncertainty, I pulled the big signs off of the shop for now. I am working on some new products to offer and I am excited for new things to create.
And, smack dab in the middle of the holiday season, actually right before Thanksgiving, we were in an accident. Many of you know about it but many do not. It has definitely had an effect on my life so maybe I just need to get it out.
After having dinner at Cracker Barrel, we were driving home. While we were sitting at a red light, we were T-Boned by a drunk driver going approx. 60+ mph and our Tahoe flipped over onto it's side.
To say it was a terrifying moment in my life is an understatement. The moments slowed and the feeling we felt turning around to see if our children were OK, was life-changing. It was complete panic, fear, and disbelief.
By the Grace of God, we were ALL ok. Witnesses stopped and came to pull my babies out of our sunroof. They held my babies tight as we handed one by one to complete strangers. It was unbelievable. One man, whose face I wish I could see again, held Carson (my youngest) to his chest and told him over and over again "You are alright, buddy". Leaves me breathless....
The initial shock wore off quickly, but the residual did not. I still sit here in tears thinking about the night. We are dealing with a lot of fear from the kids. They make comments as we drive down the road, they fear the next accident, and they fear any kind of speed in the car. I assume those fears will go away as time goes on. What I was left with though is a new perspective of life. It can change in an instant. That moment was NOT our time, but it could have been.... in a moment.
What I still struggle with now is what is really important. While I sit here pinterest-ing away about a new kitchen or master bedroom, I get annoyed by Facebook and people complaining about things that really don't matter. Is that silly? probably.... but I think it is just the residual leftovers of what we experienced.
On Tuesday, we will head to the preliminary court case for the driver that hit us. Many people have asked if I am mad or angry. I don't think I am angry with him. He is a human being who made a bad, bad decision that day. I will say though that I hope his sentence is enough to make him learn and change his life. So he may never do this again...
Ok, enough sappy....
Other than all of this, we had a GREAT Holiday season with our family and friends. We were able to share our home on many occasions with family, old friends, and new ones too. Our new room that we added last year was such a blessing to give us room to be together.
Now is a new year. I am sure it will be filled with many UPS and some DOWNS. But there are many exciting things happening for us. Maybe a kitchen project too... (whoa!)
I am excited to start sharing again. Maybe in a different sense. Maybe a little more emotion from me... I hope you will continue to follow along. Hoping you had a great holiday! Here's to 2014....

Dining Room Update and New Signs

Hey! It's been a little while since my last post. But I wanted to give you a quick update o f our dining room.

We got our dream dining table this summer. We went back and forth about building a table, having a table built, or going with one that we loved from a store. In the end, we ended up spending a lot more than we wanted BUT we got the table that we always came back to in the decision process. We decided on the Pottery Barn Benchwright Dining table. (Pic from PotteryBarn.com)

We LOVE this table! We love the natural wood color, the iron accents that give a rustic touch, and the size of it. It is massive! It has two leaves that make it easily sit 14 people. Thanksgiving at our house!

I didn't put it on the blog because I didn't have chairs. I had a really hard time committing to chairs because I wasn't sure what I was looking for and couldn't spend PB prices for chairs after I bought the table.

I ended up finding my chairs though...and just had to wait for a good sale and to have the money to spend.

Here is the end product!

 I loved this "wine barrel chandelier" shape from Shades of Light but the $497 price tag didn't work. Restoration hardware has one also but that price tag DEFINITELY didn't work for us. I also worried about the wood tones not matching or being too much.

 Wooden Wine Barrel Stave Chandelier

So we ended up going with this light from Home Depot. It was less than $150, had the same shape, and the iron work worked better with our table. I bought the burlap shades from Pottery Barn too.


Here is a close up of the chairs I decided on. All of the chairs came from World Market.
I got 6 of the X-back wooden chairs and 2 Anna Slipcover Chairs for the ends.
I love the feel of this room now. It almost completes our new sunroom/dining room. One more spot to fill.
I've added a few new signs to my etsy shop today too. Here is a sneak peek :)
Thank you to everyone that has contacted me about signs or shared the etsy shop on facebook.
We are BUSY and thankful! :)
Jimmy and I wanted an Advent Calendar to fill up with notes to the kids, fun activities, and candy. This is what I came up with and decided to make more to sell.

A very special song and verse for those with little ones :)

Please contact me through the etsy link at the top of the page OR through email HeatherTS@hotmail.com for any custom orders. I will only be taking orders for a few more weeks to guarantee Christmas delivery. (the advent calendar must be ordered by Nov 15th to get it by Dec 1st).

Thanks again! Feeling very THANKFUL for this little blog and friends I have made through it!

New ETSY items

I've added some new signs to my ETSY shop! Don't forget to check them out and keep me in mind as you start to think about holiday gifts or decorating your own home for the holidays!
I would LOVE to make you a custom sign!

Here are a few of my first Christmas signs...

This one is MY FAVORITE sign that I have made so far!

A simple Merry Christmas...


This sign can be displayed year-round or goes perfect for FALL and Holiday D├ęcor...

This one is priceless to us because it's a little saying that we say with our kids every night...
Is there something you say to your family that is special to you??




Our COFFEE sign is now for sale!



 Our little sign business is a really exciting adventure for us! :) :)
Remember to check out ETSY when you are shopping for your home or gift-giving. There are some fabulous creative goods to buy! Most of the people that own the shops are just like you and I... whether they are doing it for some extra money or to be able to stay home with their kids.


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