7 years later....

7 years ago, I started my love for finding deals....or maybe you would call it "hoarding junk that ONE DAY would look SO good in my house"! Shopping throught the years, I would find things that I had to have. And, here is my strange side, some of it I would stash in the basement in a box because I couldn't put it out in the wrong spot. Like, I couldn't let anyone see it in the wrong element of decorating. So wierd, right?

Baltimore used to have a store, C-Mart. It is now, sadly, closed and forgotten about. It was a warehouse type deal with random (and I mean random) merchandise. It was kind of like mixing home goods, Ross, goodwill, Gabriel Brothers, and a furniture store. I guess that is totally vague but it was a major "search and find" store. Anyway, on one of my trips to C-Mart, I found a tray that I still love to this day. It is wonderfully distressed and I just love the charm it gives to a room. Here it is....

I think I paid around $20 for it. Maybe a little more....
So I have never known exactly what to do with the tray. I have thought about hanging it up on a wall, I have used it for a center piece on a table, but it never really fit in.... (It is WAY bigger than it looks in this picture.)

So, one day I was looking at the tray and trying to think of something I could make with it to really show it off in my house.

...AND IT HIT ME! She needs to become a table! :)

So, I went to home depot to look around for legs to have Jimmy construct into a base for my beloved tray. And I didn't find a thing. I came home discouraged and thought that I would bribe my father-in-law into making it for me.

Until one day I was playing out on our screened porch with the kids and spotted the perfect solution.

It was this UGLY BEATEN UP wooden outdoor table that needed serious love.

I knew they could come together and be the tray table that I was envisioning.

So I painted my little beaten table with some new shiny black paint. Jimmy did some saw tricks to make the top the correct size....and then with our favorite wood glue, we joined the two together.I also added a coat of clear sealant over the tray because it was originally marked as "decorative use only".

 I have always crushed on tray tables to begin with...not the ones on the stands :), but just the look of a tray with the "X" legs....I was SO excited!

So here she is in my living room now!

It is one of my favorite pieces that I own now!
 I love the character it adds to this corner!

Just a post to encourage you to think outside the box! I never thought about making a table before and I was definitely stumped as to what to use the tray for. Who would have thought!?

Thanks again for checking in on the blog! I am really excited about it! I have made some changes too and am working on more coming up. I am hoping it is easier to comment on the posts. I would love to hear from you and what you think! My mom just asked me about blogs and whether you are just talking to the air. Understanding she doesn't really "get" blogs, I kind of laughed. I would love to know if you are reading it and getting some inspiration! :) :)

Working on the next post,
 Heather :)


  1. That's beautiful, Heather! You have an incredible talent for decorating and design (please keep your eyes focused on your portraits, and not my decorating when you come over tomorrow;) I love reading about your projects!

    1. Thanks Nicole! Talent comes in so many ways...you, my friend, have it too! In priceless photographs! :)

  2. Loving the projects you've done! Told my mom about your kitchen cabinets and she wants to see them! I want to steal some of your ideas- they say, " imitation is the most sincere form of flattery". :)

  3. now i know....every time i go to your house i stare at this "tray" and kept thinking this looks so familiar! now i remember that i used it in the dining room at MC! :) I'm slow.

  4. Great idea! I love that tray. I remember seeing it on your table at your old house and going to C-Mart to see if they still had it (yep, I loved it that much) to no avail. Almost bought that blue key last week too (Hobby Lobby, right?!) I'm slightly scared how similar our styles are! :)

    1. Andi, That is just scary! I think we may have been separated at birth! So excited to get together sometime and hang out....we have lots of ideas to share! And when is this weekend weather going to improve...we need yard sales to hit! :)

  5. Love what you have done with that gorgeous tray! Awesome idea thanks for sharing!
    Alyson :o)

  6. I started reading and I was like "there's another one" ahahah. I guess it happens with creatives, it pains to imagine not using or reusing things the best way to make the beauty we saw in a piece shine through.
    Like you did with that amazing tray. It would look great however you used it. But this way? WOW! A big WOW!!!

    Well done. Love the details you chose to "decorate" it. Decorate between commas because that piece would look great (only) on its own.

    Thank you for sharing! Your courage will make your readers pull something out from safety and bring it to light I'm sure :)


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