Just a quick craft!

Just a super easy craft...

I LOVE natural colors/materials. I really adore the natural color of my Paper Flowers on the wall. I think I mentioned before that they don't stand out completely, but they add just enough detail.

I also LOVE monograms or initials. Sometimes I have to say, OK enough A's in the room. Pick something else! So, I wanted to show you what my daughter, Aubrey, and I did to add a little character to one of my A's.

We picked up a letter A from Hobby Lobby, some jute rope (you can get that from the dollar store or home depot/lowes), some craft glue, and a few flowers I picked up at Michaels. I was planning on making the flowers out of fabric or paper, but the two flowers I used were in the $1 bin so I couldn't resist.
All together, it cost me $3.

The easiest craft ever. You will just start wrapping the letter with the jute rope. I didnt glue the entire thing. I just glued at the beginning of a section of rope and at the end. I used smaller sections so it was easier to handle as I went along.

Depending on the letter you are using, it gets a little tricky as you go around the corners. I just tried different directions to wrap as I went along and decided what I thought looked best to cover the whole thing. You can see in the final pictures that at the bottom and the cross section of the A, I switched directions. I thought it changed it up a bit.

After I was done wrapping, and Aubrey was done helping! Wow! Sometimes she is a HUGE help! I am sure all of you Mama's out there can understand.
I let Aubrey decide where the flowers should go. I would say now that I would have put them both together, but she was insistent on them being in these spots, and I thought they would be cute anywhere! :)

So here is the final product. Just a little touch to our bookcase and it's nice to know that we made it together. :)

Working on my next post! Can't wait to share it!

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