Paper Flowers

Hey everyone! I haven't forgotten about the blog and I really have been meaning to do more often blog posts. I am hoping to work on it this weekend and get ahead a little. I am also working on some projects that I can't wait to share! I have been doing some crafts, some furniture redos, and some decorating so I am very excited....and very tired too!

But I have to share a little craft that I found when I was stalking  reading my favorite blogs.
 I knew exactly where I would put it so I got to work!

As you know already, I love to decorate, but I really love the thrill of doing things for little cost. I don't know why but it is way more satisfying for me to say that I made something "and it costs $5" rather than saying I ordered it from Pottery Barn. I know that not everyone can relate but that is why we all have our quirky ways :)

So...I will tell you that the total cost for this craft project/ decorating idea was $4. FOUR DOLLARS!!! and....I just happen to love them!!! Let's see what you think?

I was inspired when I watched the Nate Berkus show... by the way, do you watch it? He has so many ideas to liven up your life, house, relationships, etc. on a budget. I love that he puts focus on bloggers and the ideas floating around the internet. on a tangent. Anyway, I was watching one day and was introduced to Destiny from her "A Place for Us" blog. She showed off her "rustic" paper flowers and I knew that I had to do it! I had also recently come accross a paper flower craft in an issue of Martha Stewarts magazine so I thought these would go perfect in my home.

 I LOVE flowers! I love that they don't have to be too feminine and romantic. They can just liven up a space and give it some cheer. I also love that these flowers are a natural color that blends in but still adds tons of texture to the wall.

So, here goes. I collected my supplies. Are you ready for this? They were scissors, a pack of brown paper bags, and some craft glue. Crazy, right? I had all three at home so technically I didn't even spend the $4...but I guess I did at some point. (Jimmy, loves far as I am concerned...I didn't spend anything!)

First things first, I but off the bottom of the brown paper bag. You won't need this part.

Next I but a large leaf out of the bag. I ended up making a template with the first leaf that I cut so they could all be somewhat similar as I cut more. Here is the really cool part, when you cut the big leaf out, you will end up with two large leaves (from the front and back of the bag) plus two smaller leaves from the sides of the bag.

I am a one step kind of girl. I did all of my cutting first and then started glueing... you can do it however it fits you.
Next, I glued my flowers together. 5 large leaves glued together into a big flower...and 5 smaller leaves doing the same. I waited for them to dry.

and then I assembled the flowers. I glued two of the larger flowers together and then two of the smaller flowers on top of that. I added wait on them until they dried to make sure they stayed put.

And the last step....I took a small piece of scrap paper bag...and crumbled it up to be the center of the flower.
Here is the end result! :) What do you think?

 I love the quietness that the brown color gives but yet the visual interest of the flowers. And I can move them wherever....I am sure they will make an entrance to my mantel at some point, but for now they add some yummyness (Definitely a word I made up!) to my dining area. It needed a spark and this VERY inexpensive craft did the trick! I am thinking that my porch needs some too! But some bright colors involved. You could really do so much with this idea and some scrapbooking paper or fabric....

I hope you are inspired! I will definitely be back in the next few days with some more posts! I am working on a ton...and by the way, please excuse the blog construction. I am really trying to get over my hatred for technology. I am learning a ton and working on updating to make it a fun site to visit.
 I really appreciate the love so far! :)

Until next time,
Heather :)

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