Seeing BLUE!

Well, I found another Craigslist FIND that I am absolutely in love with! It comes with a story though so bare with me! :) I always have a story.

I have this cute little wall when you first walk into my house. It's like a foyer area, I guess. It is next to the staircase that leads to upstairs. Since we have moved in, I have stared at that wall and thought about a way to make it stand out. It's a small area so I knew that I could do something bold there without going overboard. I had bought a glass table for the space, but you guessed it, I decided that I didn't like it there. Are you seeing my patterns of behavior? Jimmy is such a patient man! :)

Anyway, I wanted something with storage because between a small house with limited storage and kids with unlimited CRAP, I need places to get it out of sight. At my previous house, we put built in cabinets in the family room to hide STUFF but here I am just starting to touch the organization part. I decided some kind of dresser would be perfect for that wall. I could still use it as a entrance table, but the drawers would serve as storage areas. So, of course, I went right to craigslist. Do you have an iPhone? I recently got one and I love the craigslist app. It lets you set up alerts that will send you a message when something you are looking for is added. Let me tell you about the 2am alerts going off for dressers! :) LOL!

So, one morning I was getting the kids ready for school and I got an alert for a FREE DRESSER and it was PERFECT!!!! When I tell you that my heart was racing as I emailed the owner to tell him that I was sending Jimmy that moment to get it. Unfortunately, he had received a ton of emails about the dresser already and was planning on putting it outside of his home between 5 and 6 that evening on a first come, first serve basis. I was SO SAD! I called Jimmy discouraged but still begging him to go sit at the man's house at 5pm to get it. But of course, Jimmy to the rescue. He told me to offer the man some cash and see if he would sell it to us. Mmmm....I LOVE HIM! So I did, and the man got a little greedy and up'd it to $40. It was still perfect so we went for it. I am sad that it wasn't free but $40 was still a great deal!

So here it is....May not look like much after all the hype I gave you, but in the end and with a little paint, it is one of my FAVORITES.

I love the curvy lines and the antique feel!!! And it is very wide so it has lots of potential for decorating throughout the year.

The next day, I literally had loads of laundry to do and a house to clean, but instead I headed out and got paint to get to work.

I decided that I wanted to paint it a grey/blue color. I, of course, used Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. I had a hard time deciding which color to choose. I decided to go with Louis Blue.

And then here is where it got tricky. I painted the whole table....and then as I do often, I sat and looked at it for a few days....and decided it was all wrong! :) Do you think I am crazy yet? It just wasn't the color I was looking for. (It is hard to see the real color with these photos but it was baby blue) It was too light, and too pastel. So of course, I tested out some new paint, and then used some of my nursing chemistry skills to mix together 3 different paints until I found just the right blue/grey. (I mixed some Aubusson Blue, Granite, and Old White- if you would like the mixture "recipe" for the same shade, let me know!) It ended up more blue then grey but it was the perfect shade. And then with some new hardware and of course, some distressing, the dresser fit the space exactly how I imagined.

So here is some after shots of the REAL final color!

and here are some detailed pics of the distressing and hardware!

I envision lots of accent colors on the blue for spring and fall, and whites, fresh greens, and silvers for Christmas. I just love the table more then I imagined. I have always wanted a table that made me step away from natural woods, black, or white and here it is. And I am so glad the first shade of paint was wrong. I was definitely always afraid to experiment and mix shades of paint, in fear that it would go all wrong and I would waste them. But this was a lesson that ended great!

And what do you think of the stripes??? I would love to hear your honest opinion! It is kind of an experiment with that wall. I love stripes and thought it may be fun there.... Still trying to decide what to hang up though.

Do you have any furniture that needs a bold update?? If so, give it a try! And if you have any questions, ask away! I would love to help!

Heather :)


  1. Heather- Love this piece it looks awesome and love the stripes. You have great talent!

  2. Looks so good Heather! Did you just paint the stripes, I didn't see them the last time we were over...It looks so good....when mom and I move into our condo, we are hiring YOU to decorate! Love you

    1. Thanks Meg! Yes, just painted the stripes...something new! :)

  3. I really love everything you're teaching on youre Sweet Number 9! I'm planning on trying some of your ideas!

  4. Boy you got a great deal! It's lovely and the aqua you chose is just perfect! LOVE IT!

  5. Found this on pintrest! LOVE your final product! Would love to have your paint combination if you are up for that!! Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. Absolutely! I used Annie Sloan chalk paint. 2 1/2 parts Aubusson Blue to 2parts Old White to 1part Graphite

  6. Hi Heather,

    New to your blog but love what you have done with the furniture. Question--if I have unfinished pine furniture (no stain etc.,), can you explain the first step that I need to do before I apply paint.

    Many thanks, Leslie

  7. Hi Heather! I love your site that I just found today! SO tomorrow I am headed to get my first piece from Craigslist for a little makeover ... my question is do you have to sand the piece before using the chalk paint to do you just paint right over the old stain/paint? Thanks again for sharing your fun projects!

  8. Hi Emily! Thanks for checking out the blog! I am so glad you were inspired to try a project of your own! To answer your question, that is the best part of chalk paint. No need to sand first. I just clean the piece up a little and start painting. Good luck! :)


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