The Sun is Shining!

The Sun is shining in Maryland! And pretty much most of the United States. This weather is so strange....and SOOO wonderful! We have been working outside all weekend...well, aside from playing basketball, drawing with chalk, walks to the pond, afternoon naps on the driveway...oh my, I love this house. So, I wanted to come inside and update the blog with my newest creation.

I love spring, summer, and fall. Winter...not my thing! Well I do love a snowy afternoon in my warm house but not being outside in the cold. YUCK! So...when we were looking for a new house, I was thinking about my favorite seasons.

When we walked out back and saw this room, I knew I was in LOVE! Meet our screened in porch! :) Sure, it is nothing special right now. She is BARE! We have some furniture spread out in there but no style. I would much rather say she is my blank canvas! :)


I LOVE LOVE LOVE the wood ceiling! :)

I really adore the idea of "Outdoor Rooms". I envision long afternoon naps and LOTS of steamed crabs in this little slice of heaven! But first, I need to style it! I want to make it comfy and inviting so I started by making something to hang on the right wall.

I looked all over the internet and pinterest for ideas to make a sunburst mirror. I LOVE sunshine and thought it was perfect for this space. I was just looking for some inspiration, UNTIL I came across The Bower Power Blog and a starburst mirror that she did. I LOVED IT!!!! I didn't need to reinvent it! I just needed to get to work and make one myself! It was exactly what I was looking for.

Here is how I made it:

7 packs of Wood Shims (I bought mine from Lowes for $3.50 each)
Wood Glue and All purpose Liquid Nails
Scrap Piece of Plywood
Heavy Duty Picture Hanger (I bought mine from Walmart for around $2)
and a Circle Mirror (Sold at Michaels, Hobby Lobby, or any craft store- Mine was $3)

You are going to glue the wood shims together and stagger them to make the different sunburst rays. See below picture. I loved that the wood shims came in different shades of wood. I don't plan on painting my mirror for now, so the different shades gave more depth to the "rays". You can either work around in a circle and just keep glueing them to each other....or you  can glue together each individual ray and then glue them together in a circle at the end. Does that make sense? Check out the picture below!

After I had all of the shims glued together (they get tight to put in at the end), I let it dry for 24 hours. I wanted to make sure it was completely secure before I placed the mirror on it or the hardware to hang it. After it was dry, we applied a scrap piece of plywood to the back. We wanted to give it some extra support and also hang the picture hanger from that instead of the wood shims. Then we screwed in the picture hanger to the plywood.

After all of that was dry, we used the liquid nails to apply the mirror. We placed some weight on that and again let it dry overnight.

Here she is-  all complete! My little ray of sunshine! She fits perfectly out there on the porch and makes me so excited to shop and style the porch! :)

Happy Spring!

ps- We had family photos taken on Saturday! Nicole from Front Porch Photography did an awesome job even with three hungry kids! (there were lots of bribes for them to suffer through just a "few more shots") So much fun to see my most precious ones in print! Check out one of our previews! I'm sure this one will be hanging on my walls ASAP!!! <3 <3 <3

I can't wait to see the rest!!!! Hurry Nicole! :) :)

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