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I am a total SAP when it comes to quotes. I LOVE them! Don't you love when you read a quote and it touches your day and brings clarity to life. Or it inspires you to live life in better ways. My next project came from that love....
And....let me admit...I have a problem when it comes to picking out artwork for my house. I don't want just a random picture on the wall. So I have gone through store after store looking for artwork over the past 10 years and always become disappointed. I want it to mean something to us as a family....asking too much? Probably! But luckily, I like to make things.... I also have limited wall space! Like really limited!
So in order for the piece to make the cut, it has to be special.

There is a lot of inpiration on other blogs and pinterest about "family rules" plaques and artwork. I just fell in love with the idea and had to make something for a lonely wall in my kitchen. Here are some of the links that inspired me from pinterest....

Family rules
this image is

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Love these so much but I was looking to do something a little different incorporating quotes and sayings that I thought were important to live by. It fits our family closer that way! Here is what I came up with! What do you think???? :)

A little closer image! (let me apologize now about the photos! My camera is acting up and I had to use my IPhone!

I love how it turned out! Here is how I made it!

What you need:
*Two blank canvases- I used one 16x20 canvas and one 20x24 canvas (you can play with this though if you want it smaller or bigger)
*mod podge- one of my new best friends
*scrapbooking paper

I found my quotes first. Let me be honest! This project took me a long time but it was mostly because I wanted just the right quotes....I wanted things to reflect different parts of life. So Jimmy and I searched for "short and sweet" quotes that we wanted to include.

Here are the ones we used because it is a little hard to see in the photos:

Words to Live By
People who want things find a way. Others find excuses.
Surround yourself with positive people that believe in, encourage, and inspire you.
Live Simply. Listen Carefully. Love Completely. Care Deeply. Speak Kindly. and Leave the Rest to God.
Give more than you take.
Family come first....always.
Never take advantage of the moments you have to tell your loved ones how much they mean to you.
Go confidently in the direction of your dreams.
What lies behind us and what lies before us are smalll matters to what lies within us.
Forgiveness will set your OWN heart free.
...For all things are possible with God.

We were going for a theme of words to teach our children about living this thing called "life". Some were inspired by things we struggle with, some were even inspired by loss that we were experiencing....none the less, we just wanted them to be meaningful to us....You could use anything...maybe even funny quotes, song lyrics... hmm....more projects on my mind!

After I found my quotes, I went to Michaels (you can get at any craft store or even walmart) and got the supplies. I thought I would pick out scrapbooking paper to match but I ended up finding a book of paper that I fell in love with. One book and it did the entire project....and of course was 40% off with my coupon! :) Here is the book I used.

Then I went to work. You will quickly find out that computers are NOT MY THING! I would rather do anything else then try to figure them out. So I simply used Microsoft Word to type and print my quotes. I picked different fonts and sizes for each one and printed them on the scrapbooking paper. I also was not thinking "blog" at this point so I wasn't taking pictures along the way...but you just have to play with spacing depending on how many quotes you would like to include.

The rest was just a matter of cutting the quote papers into thin strips and measuring to make them all fit on the canvas. Once I had them all cut and laid out how I wanted, I started to mod podge the papers to the canvas. If you look at these photos, you will see that I have a black and white border to the right and left of the quotes and also on the canvas in the back. That is just made from scrapbooking paper as well. I originally thought I would cover the canvas with fabric first, but when I saw those two prints in my little scrapbooking paper book, I didnt want to spend any more money on fabric. I think these worked perfectly.

I did the borders first...and then mod podged the quotes on. Have you ever used mod podge?? It is an amazing little crafting creation!!!! The only problem is bubbling. You simply paint the mod podge onto the canvas and place the paper down to glue it on. But....little piece of advice, play with the mod podge to figure it out before you start using it on these canvases....or check out a tutorial from you tube here....

My quotes overlapped so I let the mod podge dry in between each quote to avoid bubbles.

After everything is dry, you will simply paint mod podge again right over top of the entire project. It gives it a nice glazed look and seals the whole project.

I then attached the two canvases together using craft or wood glue. Let them dry completely.

I originally hung it up without a frame but my father-in-law came to the rescue and handmade me a frame for my newest creation. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE it in the frame! but you can definitely hang it up without....


So..do you like it??? I would love you to leave a comment for me below! :)
or if you have questions, I can help!

Until next time,


  1. Heather,
    Awesome job!!! So excited for you your Blog is beautiful!!! Keep up the great job!!! Luv to all !!! xoxoxoxo

  2. Hi Heather... just wanted to welcome you to blogland first. I just found your blog on Facebook at Giani Granite's page.

    You did an amazing job on your sign. Love all the sayings and your creative way of displaying them. Very nicely done.

    Hope to see more of your work.


  3. Hi! I'v stumbled upon your blog and had to leave a comment! I love your creation!!! I'm going to be your newest subscriber. :)


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