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First of all, let me say a HUGE THANK YOU to everyone that has been sending me positive vibes and comments about the blog. I love hearing that you feel inspired to try something new or just get crafty.This has been so much fun to share and as much as I may be inspiring you all, it has been a HUGE inspiration for myself! I really want to expand and try new things...just to be able to share. So thank you!

And...Wow, the blue dresser post got a lot of notice! I seriously LOVE that thing! I adore the blue color and the stripes are really fun to experiment with. The other thing that was noticed was the table decor. So funny because I was just trying to throw something on the dresser to make it a little "pretty" but you all noticed! Here it is again, just so you remember!

I just did the post about the family sign, but other people have asked where I got the decorations! Here it goes... :)

The candlestick, glass dome, and the white milk bottle were all Goodwill treasures. Total $4! Are you starting to get persuaded into checking it out?

The white little plant holder and fake (although I must say it is the most "realistic" fake I have seen) plant came from Ikea...
another one of my FAV's!

The little birds came from Michaels. I thought they would be cute for the spring.

And then the two tier stand....well that was something I put together. SO EASY!!! so of course, I have to share!

I really love cake stands! I have my eyes on MANY right now but haven't bought them yet just because I can't decide which ones I want. Lots of different ideas of how to use them between entertaining or just setting them out for decorative accents. So, I decided to make a "decorative" version. I can't take a ton of credit for it except that I did put it together, but the idea came from pinterest.

I headed out to Michaels for the supplies. Here is what I got:
2 different size Planter Plates (see photos)
2 different size TINY Plant Pots
Crafting Glue
and spray paint.
Total Cost $10

Put a little glue on the edge of the Plant Pots...

Place it right in the center of the Plant Plates...

And then add some Spray Paint....and here it is....all finished! About 2 minutes of work :) :)

Ok, mine took a few more minutes...I first spray painted it silver, then blue (then I decided to paint the table blue), so finally I sprayed it Oil Rubbed Bronze. (insert a few eyerolls from Jimmy as he watched the paint colors change! )

So that's it! The decorations on the table TOTALED about $20 all together...

Glad you liked it. Now I think a new fabric for a table runner may be in the works....



  1. What a clever idea! I am going to have to copy it for my new shop, hope you don't mind. I just love black! I don't have it inside my home, just outside though. I'm having so much fun looking at all of your projects!

    1. Thanks so much Melanie! I love Black too! :)

  2. Love it! I don't even have to go to the Junk Store, I have better junk right here at home!


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