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There are not many things that Jimmy and I will not try when it comes to home renovations. We just have NO FEAR when it comes to these projects. Both good and bad outcomes in our past, but WHATEVER! Anything can be fixed by a professional later if we completely screw it up. Right?  And I have to say, we are usually overly PROUD of our own work. And we really LOVE being able to say that we did it....I think the lack of fear is what sets us apart.
For good and bad...I, for example, am a terrible painter of walls (furniture, now that is totally different, I LOVE IT!). I HATE the prep work that goes into painting a room so I just throw on the paint in globs....usually Jimmy comes in a rescues me....okay, let me be honest. Usually I just give up halfway through and say "I'm going to bed!" and he stays up to finish my mess! :)
So, when the counter project came about, I was surprisingly excited to give it a try. I had heard about this product before, but then after doing a little research, I just entered my credit card info online and it was a done deal! :)

However, I will not lie. When that box was delivered, I got really NERVOUS! Am I about to paint the counter tops??? I carried the box inside, and then took one look at the HIDEOUS white laminate and said "YES I AM!"
So here it is....
There are several products like this on the market. Some that are even sold at local hardware stores, but this product gave me the best hope that it would withstand 3 kids and some time before I can get granite one day. And it looked, in the advertisements and online, the most like granite.
Again, I know that painting your
 counters can really sound tacky. I thought it too! I thought that I should just wait and save up the money for new ones. But in our situation, I knew that we have a thousand projects ahead of that one....and it just wasn't a high priority. And the truth is, that even when we did have the money, I was going to buy laminate again because I know that one day this kitchen will be history. :)
The product I decided to use is called Giani Granite Paint for Counters. We chose the Chocolate Brown kit. You can see a ton of pictures and get lots of information from their website:
or from their facebook page :
They have a ton of posts from previous customers. Gotta love the before and after photo shots! You can also see that no 2 counter tops are going to be the same (just like granite) so it is REALLY foolproof. It is also really customizable too with how much of every color you decide to add.
Many of you do not have any need to paint kitchen counters, but this paint could be used for bathroom vanity counters, or any other surface that needs a pick me up. It really turned out 100% better than I expected.
The product comes in a complete kit. It has everything labeled for easy use AND comes with a DVD to watch before when you are starting to freak out :) :) :)
Here is how I did it:
Step 1:

I taped around the counters/appliances, walls, and cabinets. Then I cleaned the counters completely using SOS pads. I wanted to make sure I got off all of the grime and oils.
Step 2:
I used the black primer and simply rolled it on to the counters. You use a little foam brush for the corners and hard to reach spots. Super easy and goes on really smooth. There was no turning back now! :) Jimmy came home at this point....I wish I could have gotten the look on camera!!! :) The primer dried pretty fast but I waited overnight to get the courage to start the next step! :)
Step 3:
There are 3 different shades of paint that go on at this point. You pour those 3 different paints onto paper plates and start painting. All of the supplies are included in the kit. You use a big sponge for this step. (Again, I know it sounds crazy to sponge paint but as you combine the 3 paints, it REALLY looks like granite!!!!)
I started in a small area to the left of my stove. I wanted to "practice" over there! It turned out exactly how I wanted it right away and I started losing the anxiety at this point and I was getting really excited!

From there, you just keep going and adding in different shades to get the result you are looking for. I will offer advise here though....I would say do the sponge step all in one project. What I mean is, don't do what I did. I did the small area first (above pic) and then went on with my normal chaos of getting the kids to school. When I returned to do the rest of the counters, I had forgotten exactly how I did the first area. It takes a little bit of experimenting to get the shade that you are looking for. So I had to do some extra playing around to get it to match my first area. I think if I would have kept going, it would have been easier. I also suggest doing small areas at a time. Your eyes start to cross if you are looking at a huge area and trying to keep it uniform :) :)


At this point, I decided that it was too light. I wanted it to have more black showing through. NO PROBLEM AT ALL! I just added some of the black primer back into the areas and it worked great! See, it really is EASY!!!
Step 4:
The last step is a top coat. I sanded the counters beforehand with a 600 grit SUPER FINE sandpaper to get them as smooth as possible! Then I added the top coat which made it shiny, smooth, and complete!


We added some extra top coat because we wanted to add a little more to one specific area.

So that is it! I can honestly say that it was SO EASY and turned out FANTASTIC!!! I just love the new look! And it makes the floor look even more horrible...which means they got bumped up on the priority list! :)

I know that I had a lot of questions when I was considering doing PLEASE do not hesitate to ask! I would love to help! You can leave them in the comments section below in case anyone else has the same question! Thanks for checking them out! :) :)



  1. amazing!! I might have to do this - I hate the countertops in my house, but granite is out of reach with college on the way!! -- Jen W

  2. Im so mad i didnt try this brand. I got anxious and instead of being patient i bought the rustolem brand. Have to say im nit happy. Beautiful work. Jess. Pink pretty peonies.

    1. Hey! So what don't you like about the rustoleum product? I have to be honest, recently we have noticed area where either the kids are scraping often (on the edges where they sit) or near the sink where water sits... Where the paint is chopping. I am not sure if that is expected and should just be touched up? Either way, I am still glad I did it... And at the same time, can't wait to replace all if my kitchen! :)


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