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Hey Strangers! It's been a week since I posted and believe me, that was not my intention. I just got wrapped up in birthday festivities (I am 31 now!!!), some big projects around the house (which will eventually mean LOTS of new posts), and time got away from me. I won't apologize, because with all of the things going on with the kids and everyday life, it is bound to happen again one of these weeks.

So back to the last post about our kitchen. I just loved all of the response I got from the painted kitchen cabinet posts! I was so excited to share the end results with you all.... But I have to say I may be even more excited about this one! Let's look back at the cabinet redo!


And After...

I LOVE those distressed old white cabinets. It is exactly what I love about decorating. I love something that looks like it has been around for awhile.... I guess I just love a timeless look. Some people ask what my favorite styles are. I think I love a mix of traditional, cottage, with lots of textures/character. Anyway, I love timeless and the cabinets give me that! But those counters, on the other hand, give me nothing but anger. OK not really anger, but why?????? Why ???? Why would anyone put those in their house???!!!! Reminds me of the Towson University cafeteria!

Now that you all are getting to know me and my personality, can you guess what this post and project will be about? :)And let me remind you of my biggest goal in redoing this kitchen. I want to do it as cheap as possible! Not because i am a total cheapskate, just because I really hope in the next few years that we can add on and expand the kitchen. At that point, I will make up for all of the money I saved this time!!! :)

So....what would your husband say if he came home from work and you had painted the kitchen counter tops??? And better yet, you had started painting them and you weren't aloud to touch them for about 4 days! Jimmy, you are a saint!!! :) I don't think he is reading this but he needs a reminder sometimes. I like him to think everyone does this crazy stuff to their house, but probably not and definitely not at the speed and craziness that I go!

On Monday, he came home and I had started! Painting counters sounds so tacky, right? Here is my rationale, if it worked out, I just spent $70 to upgrade them and avoid thousands in new counters. If it didn't work out and is a total bust, I can't possibly hate them anymore than I already hate the white ones. Sounds like a good plan to me!!!And.... Here is the result!!!! Of course it is not passing for granite anytime soon but the pattern that I painted really looks just like the granite that we had in our previous house! It updated the look and makes the white cabinets pop so much more! I just LOVE THEM NOW!!!

(I didn't do a step by step post because I figured that not many people have counters to paint...let me know though if you want me too!)

Next up, the ceiling fan and ORANGE tile floor!

Enjoy your rainy Sunday tomorrow! Perfect craft/pajama day for us! And I promise another post tomorrow! :)



  1. You painted that???? Please show a sto by step.... Fom the pics they look like granite, so I really want to see this!! I think I said this is a previous post, that I have a kitchen similar to your " before" and so I love this and NEED ideas!

  2. I would love to know how you did that. I like my countertops but would be happy with having something different. They are speckeled green.

  3. Heather - I so need to know how you painted the know my kichen and I need to do that until I can re-do the whole thing!!!!

  4. Heather, You did a beautiful job!!! Keep the posts coming !!! xoxoxo

  5. omg that is beautiful. how in the world did you do all of this? i love everything. how did you do that counter? you have so much talent.

  6. I need to know how you distressed your cabinets? It looks fantastic! I have a kitchen that is almost identical to your original and it is in desperate need of a facelift!! I need a temporary fix because my goal is to eventually knock down walls and do a MAJOR renovation. In the meantime, I want to paint my cabinets and add a few updates to make my kitchen livable for a few more years. Please tell me how to distress the cabinets and what paint did you use? Thanks!

    1. Hello!!! I would be happy to answer your questions. If you get this, email me at And also check out my "kitchen in progress" blog post. Thanks for the great comments!


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