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Hey!!! :) Lovin' this beautiful spring weather during spring break! I have lots of plans with some of my bestest friends during break so we are just relaxing and hanging out! What are you doing to kick off spring?

This post is about GIFT GIVING! :) I love to give gifts so much but I adore most the reaction when someone opens a gift that I actually put time into. I will admit, there was a time in my life where I would run around and spend a ton of money last minute just to fill the need to give a gift....but these days, that has all changed. I LOVE to make gifts...yes, handmade! I know it sounds scary but what is better than something handmade and really thought about? I love the imperfections of a handmade gift! The fast that it isn't perfect but it came from a place much deeper than your local store. OK, so some of you are not crafty! That is okay too! Have you discovered ETSY? If not, you are at a major loss! Check it out! www.etsy.com. AN ENTIRE website of handmade goods. So, you can give your friend or loved one something handmade, even if it isn't made by your hands. :) And handmade goods are not only for gift giving. I LOVE filling my home up with things that were made by a mom just trying to make some extra money or a grand mom with a passion for something unique. Check out ETSY... ASAP!

Oh...and PINTEREST!!! Jam packed full of ideas to give for gifts.How could I have forgotten! :)

So, I thought I would share a little gift that I have been giving out for the last few months.

This past Christmas I decided to make something handmade for Jimmy's mom and sister-in-law. And then after making theirs, I decided to make one for myself and a few friends. I have had many people call/email asking about this special little part of my "BLUE TABLE POST" so I thought it would be the perfect next blog post. Remember this little sign that I had displayed??

I have always loved the Family Name signs and the Established date to let everyone know when this little family world that we created started. So one day I thought about it and started to make them myself. Here is how I did it:

I started with these supplies:

1- canvas (I ended up using a flat hard canvas board in 11x14in size, and by the way they come in a 3 pack at Walmart...perfect excuse to make 3 of them)
1 jar of Mod Podge. Love that stuff!
Scrap booking paper in different patterns (I used 4 sheets including the blank one for the writing)
Total Cost: About $5 for the project! Pretty good for a personalized GIFT, right?

You can also choose a frame and/or I displayed mine on a plate holder.
Again, these were made back in December (pre-blog) so bare with me since I don't have step by step before photos...
This is so simple! And think outside of the box....You can make signs for ANYTHING! Your favorite Quotes, Party Decorations, Seasonal Sayings, Christmas Carols, ETC.... The IDEAS ARE ENDLESS!!!
1. Go into a Word Document and first change the page orientation to landscape. You don't have to do this but if you want it to be like mine, that is what I did.
2. Play with different fonts and sizes until you get your wording to fit in. I typed in the family name and then adjusted the size to fit as big as it could without pushing to the following line. Then do the same for the established date part. Underneath that, you could do SO MANY different things. For the ones I made for Christmas, I put the names of the family members but I have made them with quotes about Love, Marriage, Whatever would go with that specific family/holiday.

3. Then you will print that out on your scrapbooking paper. You can see in the pics below that sometimes I used plain paper for this part and sometimes I used patterned.
4. Then you will cut the papers to size and decide how you want to lay them out on your canvas.
5. The last part is to attach them with the Mod Podge. I have talked about mod podge before... The biggest problem is bubbling. The solution is to put the mod podge glue on the canvas and not on the paper. So, paint the mod podge on the canvas and then lay down your papers where you want them. I usually let the papers dry completely and then go back and attach the "family established" paper.
6. After the papers are attached, you will go back and paint mod podge over the entire project to seal it. It gives it a shiny sealed look! I love that stuff!
Here are some pictures of the ones I did for Christmas!

These were really fun to make and give! I wrapped a cute bow around them for Christmas but I think you could make one for a wedding gift or baby shower gift with the new baby's name and nursery colors! Really, so many ideas!

Let me know if you make one! I would love to see a picture!

And...let me just share a friend of mine, Andi's, blog! She made an ADORABLE personalized pennant banner as a baby gift and I can't get enough of it! Check it out here... I LOVE EVERYTHING PERSONALIZED!

And one more shout out! :) I have a friend Ashley who likes to make fun of her crafting skills :) But she came over and surprised me with the CUTEST magnet board ever. Check it out! Using some galvanized steal and AMAZING little handmade magnets! MAYBE she will "guest blog" one day and tell us how she made it???

What gifts are you going to be giving soon?

OK, going to work on my next post since the kids are napping and playing and no one is screaming :) :)



  1. Heather, these are very neat presents. I love them!

    Aunt Shirl

  2. Heather, thanks so much for the shout out! :) So glad you liked the banner and I'm honored to be included on your blog!


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