Instead of crafting, I should be doing so many other things!!! Spring cleaning should have begun already but instead i have 10 projects going on and I have made a trail of mess in every room. Why can't I just stick to one thing and get it finished?

So, I thought I would drop in and post about a little craft project that costs VERY little to make and I think it makes a big statement in a room. I am sure many of you have all of the supplies to make this on a rainy day like today.

I LOVE TRAYS! I love to add them to tables, dressers, centerpieces,etc. I think they add another layer to the rooms decor and keeps everything tidy and together. I also love that I can pick them up and move it from place to place when I need the area or when I am cleaning. I am just starting to collect a bunch of trays... Here are some that I have my eye on too...

White & Silver Tray\
picture from

Faux Croc Aqua Tray
picture from

For my coffee table, I decided to make a tray. I was really looking to buy one at the time but I decided to make one instead from a picture frame. There are tons of them floating around the Internet so you may have seen them before but here is the first one I made. I have a box of picture frames in my attic. I just had a lot more wall space in our previous home and I had the whole house plastered in family pictures. So I went up and grabbed an 8 by 10 black frame to make the tray. You can also find LOTS of CHEAP frames at thrift stores, goodwill, or walmart! You may need to give them a good coat of spray paint... The one I chose to use was black and already distressed so it was all ready to go.

I just simply took the back off of the frame and covered it with fabric. You could also use scrap booking paper or wallpaper instead. I then put it right back into the frame and kept the glass in place. (some people remove the glass but I wanted to keep it to make cleaning extra easy!)

I then picked up 2 cute bronze handles from lowes or home depot. Jimmy screwed one on each side to make it look more like a tray. They are very sturdy. Here is the final result.... So super easy and I love the charm it adds to the coffee table!

(FYI- I had one problem! The screws that held the handles on were scratching the coffee table when the kids would drag/push the tray. Super easy solution- I just bought the little felt circle pads from the dollar store. The ones you would put on the bottom of furniture. I attached 4 of them to the bottom of the frame. Problem solved! :)

Happy rainy Sunday here in Maryland!! :) We have needed this rain so badly. I hate to have it on the weekend but it is a great day to just chill. :)



  1. heather can you post a pic of the shelf you made or are those pics somewhere else? I was just telling a friend about that and your fireplace but I cant find some of the pics

    1. Meredith, if you go straight to and at the bottom hit older post, it will take you back through the posts. The pics are still on the posts. Hope that helps! ;)


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