Personalized Doormat

Time flies with 3 little ones....There is definitely not a shortage of crafts and projects going on in the house, but just a lack of time to sit down and post about them....

Here is a QUICKY but GOODY! :)
I can thank my friends, Ashley and Pinterest for this fantastic craft. I had seen similar doormats on Pinterest and thought how easy it would be to make one...but Ashley refreshed my mind when she sent me a picture of her newest craft!

Easiest ever and took a total of about 20 minutes to complete...

I got my supplies at Home Depot:
1 natural door mat ($6.97) ....btw, they increased this price to 7.97 now! Probably because I was buying all of their mats! :)
1 can black spray paint or whatever color you like!
painting/masking tape (I always have this on hand!)
optional: wooden letter from craft store

Here it is in the beginning-

And then with some paint tape.... ALTHOUGH  I found out on the second one that I made, that masking tape works SOOOO much better! And I used a letter to give it a personal touch...

Do you see the toes of my shoes peeking out here! Now that is a sign of a terrible photgrapher! :) LOL!
Then spray paint with your choice of color!

And TADA!!!! :)

I think it would make a great Housewarming Gift! Or a fun DIY project for your home this weekend! :)

Here is another that I made for a gift! You can really do so many different designs/colors!

Have fun with this one!

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  1. This is a great idea, Heather! I think I might make one for my mom for Mother's Day! Thanks for sharing!


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