Here goes nothing! :)

WOW! I am so excited!!! Welcome to my NEW BLOG. Sweet Number 9. I have been dying to get started and here we are! Thanks for checking it out!!!

I am Heather. A mom of three beautiful kids who make my heart smile. Look at those sweet faces! I am so fortunate to get to stay home with them everyday and I cherish that deeply.

image courtesy of Sears Portrait studio

 I am also a wife to an incredibly supportive husband who has pushed me to take a chance and start this crazy project.

 I love home design, Do-it-yourself projects, crafts, and furniture restoring! I have a bunch of projects to share that we have already completed and then I will share projects as we take them on. For the past 10 years, I have collected photos from magazines and anything that pulled on my heart strings into a binder called "inspiration". (yes, this is what I did before that little thing called Pinterest got started.) Now its time to put all of that to good use. Only problem is, I am on a I will be finding deals and we will be doing many of the projects on our own. I am a deal searcher! I love the thrill of the find.

 I hope you will follow my blog (click on the right), follow me on facebook, and share your projects as well!
I would love to meet people with the same passion. :)

Let's get started!



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