Luckett's Spring Market

Last Saturday, Jimmy and I took a little roadtrip down to Luckett's Antique Store in Leesburg, VA. They were having their annual Spring Market Fair which is about 150 or more vendors from all over. It was a mix of antiques, hand painted furniture, and unique finds. MY HEAVEN!!!! I bugged Jimmy all week with my excitement to check it out! Many of you are familiar with the Miss Mustard Seed blog. It is one of my favorites so if you don't follow it, do so immediately! She is an SUPER TALENTED blogger and furniture painter! She has a spot at the Luckett's Fair and blogged about it a ton so I knew it couldn't be missed!

Jimmy and I left bright and early to try to get there right at opening. I had my eyes and heart set on getting this hand painted dresser from Miss Mustard Seeds sale, but of course, we got stuck in traffic. BOO! Anyway, we got there about 30 minutes into the sale and the dresser was already sold! It ended up being a blessing in disguise...but I was a little bummed! I spent the rest of the day, checking out a ton of other handpainted furniture, but I decided to wait, and paint my own piece for the space that I am looking to fill. More post on that as soon as I finish! :)

When I tell you that I was speechless walking into the sale, I am not lying. I know that sounds ridiculous! But for a thrifter and home decor lover, this was AMAZING! Everywhere you looked, you saw unique and different things that you just cannot come across normally! I wish I would have taken more pictures than I did, but you will get some of the jist. We spent the first hour just walking around saying "Look, that is so cool!" and then we realized that we needed to get busy spending money! :)

In addition to the actual sale, you can go inside the actual Luckett's Antique Store and some other cute stores. My favorite was the 
design house. It is an OLD home that is decorated to the tee with TONS of antiques and decor steals. It is AMAZING! Jimmy and I took our time walking through and dreaming about all of the great architectural details that we love!

If you LOVE home decorating and antiques, you cannot miss this fair next year!

Okay, so here is what I got! I tried to stay on target with what I was buying I will explain a little!

Here is all the loot as we unloaded it from the van!

This blue birdcage is ONE OF MY FAVORITES from the day! It is such a great turquiose color with great patina and wear. I think she will be filled with candles but I am not sure yet! She definitely needs a perfect place to sit!

The three white vintage frames are going to get magnets attached to them in the back. Can you guess who's cute little faces will be displayed on my refrigerator! 

Hmm...let's see! The french door bucket was a no brainer! I couldn't turn it down because I have been looking for one for so long! It was the perfect size and will be great on the back of my front door and filled with different flowers throughout the year. Jimmy questioned the little rust area on the front and if I really wanted it! I told him I wanted it BECAUSE of the rust area! :)

The old wooden toolbox was from Miss Mustard Seeds stand. As we were walking around I mentioned that I wanted to find this exact piece. It will be perfect for a centerpiece on our screened-in porch! It is much bigger than it looks and really shows great wear to the wood. LOVE IT!

The blue jar....oh I wish I would have grabbed more! I love these blue Ball jars...This one will be a vase.

The egg basket was just a great color and I can always use storage bins for all our crap in this house!

and the white lantern! LOVE LOVE LOVE! It is tall but not very deep....she is sitting on my mantle right now!

I have a love for birdcages right now apparently! The yellow was just a vibrant piece to add to our outdoor space.

The four glass containers in the chicken wire basket are so cute too! Not sure what or where to put it yet!

AND the tray!!! We are working on a certain little corner in our kitchen right now...actually two but they are almost done so I won't spoil it yet! Anyway, I have looked at many online stores for a tray and just couldn't find what I wanted. We spotted this gem and knew it was perfect! Literally perfect! Size, color, and age.....can't wait to share!

The Chair....OH THE CHAIR! Jimmy spotted this awesome vintage solid wood chair and we just loved it! I love chairs I am always looking to scoop up more! It is one of those chairs that I know can stand the test of time with kids diving off of it and standing on top! The exact same reason I love old things....I can't even imagine what that one chair has seen in it's years!

Now you really see my love for vintage finds! (as I read back this post I realize that my excitement for this sale is ridiculous! LOL!)When I say that Luckett's is not to be missed, I mean it! I already have it on my calendar for next year. Oh and don't be like the silly people that brought their kids along....WHOA! We just sat and laughed as they screamed at the kids to put down the antique plates or don't touch anything....not so fun for the kids!

It was such an absolutely perfect day for Jimmy and I to get away. We went to the sale then hit home goods, home depot, and hobby lobby before having dinner at our favorite Japanese restaurant. Not bad! :)

But I will say the best part of the day was ending it with a bonfire in our backyard with my family!

Hope everyone is well! More to come soon!


Personalized Doormat

Time flies with 3 little ones....There is definitely not a shortage of crafts and projects going on in the house, but just a lack of time to sit down and post about them....

Here is a QUICKY but GOODY! :)
I can thank my friends, Ashley and Pinterest for this fantastic craft. I had seen similar doormats on Pinterest and thought how easy it would be to make one...but Ashley refreshed my mind when she sent me a picture of her newest craft!

Easiest ever and took a total of about 20 minutes to complete...

I got my supplies at Home Depot:
1 natural door mat ($6.97) ....btw, they increased this price to 7.97 now! Probably because I was buying all of their mats! :)
1 can black spray paint or whatever color you like!
painting/masking tape (I always have this on hand!)
optional: wooden letter from craft store

Here it is in the beginning-

And then with some paint tape.... ALTHOUGH  I found out on the second one that I made, that masking tape works SOOOO much better! And I used a letter to give it a personal touch...

Do you see the toes of my shoes peeking out here! Now that is a sign of a terrible photgrapher! :) LOL!
Then spray paint with your choice of color!

And TADA!!!! :)

I think it would make a great Housewarming Gift! Or a fun DIY project for your home this weekend! :)

Here is another that I made for a gift! You can really do so many different designs/colors!

Have fun with this one!


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