Dreaming of Stacked Stone

In our 8 1/2 years of marriage, we have dreamed about a cozy stone fireplace in our home. We LOVE bringing outside elements such as reclaimed wood, stone, brick, etc. inside the home. Some don't agree but we think it adds character, warmth, and texture to the room. The more texture, the better in our eyes.

This home is our forever home. We will make changes, we will add on to make more space....but we plan on staying here. That is something I have never been able to say before. Our previous homes were beautiful but we knew quickly after settlement that we would not call them home forever. There is a sense of peace when you can say that you never want to move again.....

So, we decided we needed that dream fireplace here. Our inspiration came from pictures we have saved over the years and Pinterest, of course. Here are a few.....

Pinned Image

photo from 232designs.com

photo from PotteryBarn.com

photo from PotteryBarn.com

You get the point! I love that warm "home-y" feel from the stone!

So, here is where we started originally...

The pieces of wood that you see on top were part of our first mantle makeover. We were inspired by The Lettered Cottage's Fireplace makeover and ended up with this....

It was a HUGE improvement to us. We added a reclaimed wood look without the price of a solid mantle piece. Check out their tutorial here if you are interested.

But we were still dreaming about our stone fireplace. One day I was browsing our local hardware store and came across a display with the exact stone I wanted. It quickly became our next project.
We waited until the stone was in stock and ripped the old mantle from the wall the day after thanksgiving. That's how we do things around here....We just dive in and learn as we go. Jimmy and I had NEVER done a stone project, brick project, OR a tile project. We actually had NO IDEA what we had just gotten ourselves into. Most people were decorating for Christmas and we were ripping our living room apart. (And leaving for Disney 5 days later...are we nuts??)
We went to a local hardwood floor distributor to get a big piece of reclaimed wood to use as a mantel and 2 corbels to match. That, itself, was a serious job to attach to the wall. It was about 100 pounds. With some research and calls to professionals, we figured out what was needed to attach it. Jimmy and I attached it on our own!
After that it was prep work to get the wall prepared and then it was like doing a puzzle. Trying to arrange the stone to fit in rows together. This process took up a lot of room and time but was fairly easy.

We also had a lot of little "HELPERS"!!!

Here is the finished product! We could not be happier! It has changed this room completely!

And here it was decorated for Christmas!

Before this project, we never used the fireplace. We use it almost EVERYDAY now!
I won't lie, this was a much bigger project than we anticipated! But worth every moment of frustration or uncertainty. We are so proud that we completed it ourselves!

Thanks for checking out another project!
As always, please feel free to ask questions or comment!

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  1. any chance you used the airstone stuff from Lowe's? I'm about to do this on the house I'm purchasing.... <3 it!! Jen

    1. Hi Jennifer, no we actually did not use the airstone product, although I did look into that! They just didn't offer the color variation we were looking for otherwise we would have. Good luck with the project and your new home! :)

  2. Oh my goodness - I cannot even begin to tell you how much I love it. The stonework!! I LOVE the stonework!! And the mantle - it just looks so amazing. I want something so similar to this in my future home.

  3. What a gorgeous transformation!
    And that last photo is heart melting :)
    Beautiful job
    Hugs Suzan
    ( visiting from Elizabeth and Co. )

  4. Absolutely stunning! can you come over to my house and do our fireplace? lol

  5. I'm so glad I found you - this is exactly what we want to do! Pinning! :)

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  7. What brand and color is the stone? I need it!!!

  8. Hi! The stone is from Lowes. It is Stonecraft brand and the color is ledgestone bucktown. Hope that helps! :)


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