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On a daily basis, with 3 children, I have about 50 papers coming into my home. I know all the Mom's reading this can relate. Bills, coupons, circulars, schoolwork, permission slips, etc, etc, etc.

This ordeal leaves me feeling unorganized, so I needed a solution. I was inspired for years and always wanted a "command center". All of the best professional organizers suggest these areas in your home. Here is where I started getting inspired...

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I needed a place to drop the mail and organize the bills from the school work from the trash. I have a corner in the kitchen that worked perfectly. Originally the last owners left a crappy set of shelves in this space. It became my dumping ground and was a ridiculous mess when we first moved in. This is so embarassing to show but it was reality for the first several weeks...

Here is how we got the mess under control. This is what I came up with (for VERY LITTLE cost!) ...

I am so thankful for this area now because it helps me with clutter on the counter and gives me a space to organize all of the papers coming in...
Here is how I did it...
The black trashcan was built for us by my very talented father-in-law. I saw a similar one at the amish market near us for a pretty penny and he built it for us as a house warming gift.
My husband hung a piece of wood as a "make shift counter area". I hung a piece of fabric on a tension rod to the right of the trashcan for an area to toss my purse and not having it sit out near the door. I found the black organization cubby on the counter area at home goods along with a pencil holder and notecards. I even have a jar there to drop extra change when we walk in...

These are two regular clipboards that I purchased for close to a dollar each. I just covered them with contact paper from the dollar store to make them more attractive.

Every area in the home can use a personal touch so I put a plaque with a quote that I love and a picture of my family too.
The corkboard holds party invitations, tickets, etc.

This is one of the most important parts to me. It was a pocket organizer that I got from a home party years ago. I used to just shove papers in wherever which was far from organizing. I added little tags to each pocket to label what goes in them. Coupons, Bills, To Be Filed, Restaurant Coupons, etc. I also marked a pocket for each child so I have a place to separate important papers for them.

It's not exactly Pottery Barn Style but it works. Clutter and papers = stress for me so it keeps us on track. Do you have an area that you could use for something similar?
Right now, in our home, we are getting ready to close in our screened in porch to make a sunroom/dining room area. We signed with a contractor and ordered windows and doors. I have been glued to pinterest to make decisions about floors, lighting, walls, hardware. You name it...
These are the times when I realize just how indecisive I can be...
But the whole project is SO EXCITING!!!
Can't wait to share it!



  1. I love it! I need you to come decorate my house!!

  2. Fantastic thanks for the inspiration!
    Aly x


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