PB shelf knock-off

This is BY FAR, one of my favorite posts and projects that we have created. Another challenge from a Pottery Barn catalog picture! It is a statement piece. It filled a wall that has been sitting empty and literally made me crazy!

This is the space. A vacant area between two windows. At one point, I had an armoire in that spot. Then I moved the sofa in front and thought about a gallery wall of frames, or maybe a big clock, or maybe....

Until I saw THIS in the Pottery Barn Catalog....
                     Photo from PotteryBarn.com

                     Photo from PotteryBarn.com

It sells for $399!!! I LOVE its distressed white appeal! Not that I won't spend $399 on something I love, but a shelf can't be that!

And it is 60" wide which is HUGE! I loved how they placed it above a bed though...and the size works there.
I, however, only had 42" of space.

                                  Photo from www.PotteryBarn.com

After some time of staring at the pictures from the catalog, we devised a plan. Ours would not be an exact copy but it would be close. Jimmy picked up lumber for around $70 total.
1- 1x12
1- 1x6
1- 1x2 or 2x3
crown molding
decorative molding
I have to say though, I was involved with the initial planning of how to make the shelf...and then when it was all completed, I painted and distressed it. But, Jimmy did all of the building alone...

And as a side note!
I am SO thankful for a husband that is open to challenges and willing to try..... JA <3
I think the pictures will do most of the explaining...
We started out deciding to make it a two boxes and then attaching them to be two-tiered.
(This picture is the shelf upside down as we attached them!)

We then added moldings for achieve a three-tier look with crown molding.

Flipped right side up....and you get to check out our LOVELY laundry room and work room also! Pinterest worthy? :)
Cutting molding can be tricky as you can see....but we just make adjustments and add some spackle in the cracks!
We then added other decorative moldings wherever we thought they looked best. We really didn't try to do it exactly the same as the PB shelf but wanted a similar look. So this is the part that can make it your own! You can also see that we sanded some of the crown molding so it would absorb the stain later. That way we would be able to distress on that area as well.

 The next step was to stain the whole shelf. I do this anytime I work with new wood because I like to distress after painting and I want the dark stain to show through. You could skip this step if you were just planning on painting one solid color!


After that, it is time to paint. I used Annie Sloan's Old White. Same color I used on my armoire AND on my kitchen cabinets (which have held up beautifully, I might add!) I distressed the piece after that. The best part about this paint is that it is forgiving. I originally distressed way more than I anticipated so I just went back, repainted, and started that area again.
AND HERE IT IS! And I Absolutely adore it!

Another option would be to make one of these shelves if you don't have a fireplace mantel!!!!

I can breath a sigh of relief now as I pass through this room! Anyone into decorating can relate to the annoyance of bare walls.
Hope you love it too!
If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask! :)

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  1. Looks amazing!! Can I borrow your husband for a month??:)

    1. :) I think I need him for some more projects! :)

  2. Um....you nailed it! Your shelf is beautiful as is the styling! Great job. Thanks for sharing, visiting from Savvy Southern Style.

  3. wow that is beautiful. visiting from savvy southern style

  4. what a fabulous shelf. great job to you and your husband for creating something so pretty. I am featuring in my weekly wow's on Saturday.

  5. Gorgeous! Totally pinning! I have been drooling over this shelf at Pottery Barn for years, but would never pay $400 for it! Thanks so much for sharing this! New Follower here!

    I'm hosting an advertising giveaway at my blog! I'd love for you to enter! Go here for all the details: http://www.rainonatinroof.com/2013/02/free-advertising.html

    Jenna @ http://rainonatinroof.com

  6. I'd like to invite you to link up to Show and Tell Saturday at Sassy Little Lady!



  7. It looks fantastic--great job! I'm about to tackle something on a smaller scale for the guest bathroom... this is great inspiration :-)

  8. This is great! Thank you for the wonderful tutorial. I too have seen this in the PB magazine and wanted one. I hope I can convince my husband to get out the saw, haha! Blessings, Patti@OldThingsNew

  9. Very, very nice!!! Really looks beautiful. I wondered, what did you decide to use to hang it?

  10. Beautiful work! I love it! And I'm so glad that you're back to blogging! (Maybe it will inspire me... :) )

  11. I also loved it when I saw it at PB. Yours came out amazing!!! -Mika

  12. I had my husband build this for me a couple years ago and get tons of compliments on it. Did mine in black.

  13. Great job! This is definitely on my to do list...


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