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Hello, again!!!!!!
I am excited to get this little blog started again. 
Many people have asked, "what happened to the blog?" If I am being honest, the true reason I took a break was a lack of confidence and I wasn't sure where I wanted to go with the blog. Was it just for fun? Did I want to start an etsy shop or sell furniture that I had redone. I'm not sure I know the exact answer but I am much closer to the result now than I was. So, here I am again! I have decided to start sharing my creative outlet again....and in doing so, I am ready to start over and fresh.
 I am feeling incredibly inspired recently.
Along the way in the past year, I have done projects throughout our home. Many of them were done in Heather mode though and not blogger mode. So many do not have great "before" or step-by-step pictures. I was thinking about an end result rather than explaining the process, so I will do my best to explain.
One of my newest pieces, was a Coffee Station!
As you look through prior posts or as you may remember, our goal is to rip out our entire kitchen ONE DAY, and start new. But we don't have the means to do that right now, plus about one thousand projects on the list above that, so we have made do with what we have. We have limited counter space though and I became annoyed by it being cluttered with canisters and coffee makers.
I had always wanted a "coffee station" as we Ackerman's love our coffee! We had a certain corner of the kitchen that was not being used so I started searching Craigslist for a piece of furniture that would fit. Unfortunately, I had very tight measurements that I needed to use,  PLUS I wanted and NEEDED storage. I envisioned getting an antique dresser because that is my favorite to use. It is useful, looks great painted, and can be used in any room. I searched for several weeks, and just could not find anything that was in my price range (which was low because I consider everything "temporary" in this kitchen!) or anything that had the right dimensions.

I decided to try IKEA and see if they had anything to work. I knew they would be in the price point....and that's when I came along this gem! Okay, seriously not a gem yet, but she would be soon!

I loved the drawer space...

It fit the exact dimensions I needed and I had a vision of how to make it work. After putting it together, I decided how I would change this piece to fit our style. (I almost never leave well enough alone!) But in my defense, we are probably as far from contemporary or modern as you can get. The hard lines of the piece did not fit in. Jimmy added new legs that we purchased at Home Depot for $3 each. The new curvy legs added some much needed detail.

 I felt like the bare wood was a blank canvas. Here is where my lack of pictures is annoying. I then stained the entire piece a dark walnut wood. I knew I would distress it in the end so I wanted the dark wood to show through when I did. After staining, I used Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Coco. It is a grayish brown tone.
An unexpected surprise occurred when I realized that the dark stain did not soak into the wood very well, so the distressed areas show both dark and unfinished wood through. Our last step was to do something about the top of this piece. I wanted a bigger space to use for the coffee machine, etc. we thought about ordering a special order piece of wood to make a sort of countertop feel. In the end, we decided to go budget friendly and swap the special order for some good ol' Home Depot wood scraps. We used a 1x8, a 1x2, a 1x4, and 2-1x3's! We cut them down to the length we wanted and placed them on top of the dresser along side of each other. We distressed them a bit with a hand sander and hammer and attached them with wood glue and finishing nails. We also stained them to a dark walnut. This was my favorite part! It gave the rustic wood top that I was hoping for and was very inexpensive!


Here is our finished COFFEE STATION. LOVE!




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  1. Its beautiful Heather! Cant wait to hear all about it:)

  2. You would never know it was new - way to go - great job. I love the color and the distressing.

  3. Hi Heather..I have a question for you. Did you make the shelves pictured here?? I have been trying to make similar but am having all sorts of problems getting the angle of the architrave right. Would love some hints!
    I love your stuff

    1. Hi Alice, unfortunately, we did not make the shelves. They were purchased. Did you see my worst about the Pottery Brn knockoff shelf we made? Check that out but to be honest, my husband does the power tool work for me! :) thank you for your sweet comments on the blog :)


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