Aubrey Lynn

Today is a very special day around here.

Today, my sweet daughter Aubrey turns six years old.

Every mom says they can't understand how time flies so fast. It seems so cliche. but I feel the same. When did this happen?
She was just my sweet angel baby girl. Full of drama from day 1, of course. But sweet and caring too!
I thank God everyday for my spunky, artistic, goofy, beautiful, insanely caring daughter! She is so very much like me (sometimes EXACTLY like me... strong willed at its finest!) but it makes my heart swell with pride for this amazing person that I created!
 She has the creative bug that the boys in our home cannot come close to understanding....making it that much more special for something that only her and I share. She looks at a project, or anything for that matter, with a different eye. Anyone creative can understand. She sees potential. She sees something to create. It's pretty incredible to see this personality trait and understanding it.

Happy 6th birthday, Aubrey Lynn!
I hope your spirit forever remains pure, loving, and shining through everything you do!!!!

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  1. An Angel. And a lovely post to honor a Special Being.
    Be Blessed,


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