Chalkboard Obsession

Ok, maybe not an obsession but a sure LOVE for the home decorating fad with chalkboard paint. Are you in love with it as much as I am? I am an inspirational quote and personalized decor junkie....which means chalkboards make my heart flutter!
Here are some that I love:
Pottery Barn Inspiration

Melanie from  My Sweet Savannah has a whole wall painted with chalkboard paint. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this and the saying as well! By the way, if you are looking for a great home decor blog to follow, this is one of my Favorites!

Here is one painted on an old vintage door or window. Think Menu for the kitchen OR this one is a table seating board for a wedding.

chalkboard wedding table plan
Love this one from

Vintage inspired chalkboard
 And one of my absolute favorite spaces from pinterest is this kitchen and chalkboard.... I love this huge area to write but I also love that it is finished with a beautiful frame!

Pinned Image
Here's a few that we have in our home....
This one is one my back deck attached to the house and siding. I love changing it to fit the 4th of July, birthday parties, etc.
This was made from a $10 michaels frame that I picked up on sale!

We have one at our front door/foyer area. This one usually gets a dose of the season or an inspirational quote. Something that welcomes guests....
I made it from a goodwill mirror that I scored for $5. I painted the frame and then spray painted the mirror with chalkboard paint....super easy and big impact to the space.
And this one was made from a $1 silver tray that I also picked up from goodwill. It sits on my kitchen counter. I LOVE this one....I change it weekly most of the time. Tonight I am having a Stella & Dot jewelry party so I needed a little decoration. So easy and fast to personalize.
The other day, Aubrey and I were in goodwill and found this framed picture for $10. The small chalkboard in my foyer area that I showed above is a little small for the space. I am always hunting for unique frames that are cheap to paint. This one is bigger and will give me more room to write. Another example of how nothing stays the same in this house for long! :)

You can paint anything with chalkboard paint! It adds a whimsical casual appeal to any space. Tempted to paint something this weekend?
Heather :)

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  1. I'm crazy for Chalk... I even have a pinterest board to prove it ahahah
    But I haven't found the corage to paint something with chalk... it's not the corage so much as deciding what to write on it. I know you can change it after but I want the first one to be WOW.
    Wishing you a lovely weekend,


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