Life is beautiful...

My daughter, Aubrey and I were checking out the local goodwill one day recently. It happens often. We just stop in. Just for a few minutes. Just to check out what they have.

She has become my favorite thrifting buddy. She searches through the shelves...saying "oh mommy, look at this" or "well, this is cute!". I love it. She sees potential. While most would think its crap, she can see what I see. It's pretty heartwarming.

She spotted this mirror for $10. I just loved it. I loved the details. We also needed something tall and it was perfect.

Someone had previously given a half attempt to painting it white. It must have started to chip off and they decided it was crap. They didn't know that chipping paint is the look I strive to achieve!

I brought it home and stashed it in the garage. I leave things there until I have time to get to them or I think awhile about what I want to do with it.

I came up with an idea this past weekend and went to work. I first painted it with graphite Annie Sloan chalk paint. It's the closest they have to black but it is really more of a charcoal gray.

Then I added some lettering. I came up with the design on my silhouette cutting machine but ended up having to hand paint the letters. Don't ask! The vinyl was pulling the paint off.
I chose "Life is Beautiful" in french. A nice reminder each day because it certainly is! :)

I am planning on using this in the sunroom OR in the upstairs hallway.... but until then you only get pics of it in the basement propped against the wall. Sorry! :)

1 comment:

  1. Yes, it is.
    If you know what to do with it ;).
    And one can tell you and the Princess of the House, know.
    Turned out lovely lovely.
    Enjoy the Happy, Beautiful Life!


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