I love the neutrals and personal touch that silhouettes add to home. They are all over the Internet and I needed to have some too.

 I have been meaning to do this project for over a year, and finally did it. I hate when I put something off forever, and then realize it takes about an hour to finish.

I started by posing the kids in front of a white wall for a picture. They thought this was silly and had no clue what was going on.
(Honestly, I think they look like creepy mugshots at this point!)
I also added a silhouette of a Labrador Retriever. Anyone that knows me well, knows that my Madison was my very first child. She was a must for this project!

After that, I printed the pics out of regular computer paper. Low quality but that doesn't matter with this project.

I cut the pictures out very carefully to keep all of those important details.
Then I glued the photos upside down onto regular black poster board. (I only did it upside down because I knew I wanted the silhouettes to face the left. Otherwise, it doesn't matter)
I cut out the photos again on the black poster board.
Using the black side up now, I decided to paint them over again. I wanted a true black so I used some black acrylic paint that I had laying around.

I bought 4 frames from Walmart for $3 each and used burlap sheets (available at the local craft store) as the background/mat.
Here is the finished project!!!! (Please ignore the blue paint tape and temporary wall in the picture! This will eventually lead to the addition to the house! I couldn't wait for it to be done to share the project! I also went back after the photo to straighten them out...I will get a better pic when construction is over!)
Total spent:
$12 for black frames
$1 for poster board
Black acrylic paint-free because I had it but would be less than $1
Burlap sheets $3

$16!!!!! And I just love them! Anything that shows off these 4 of my favorites makes me smile!


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