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I have mentioned a lot about the addition we are putting on our house but I haven't written a formal blog post about it. Many people are asking about the progress so I thought I would update. It's definitely in progress! And I am ready for the end result! PATIENCE!!!! Not my strong suit!

Let's see, where to begin.

When we first moved in, we thought the screened in porch was AMAZING. In fact, it was one of the biggest selling features of the house. We loved the idea of eating outdoors (which we do nightly when the weather is nice) and taking advantage of the gorgeous view of our backyard.

But quickly we realized a few flaws. First of all was the layout of the back of the house. It's hard to capture in pictures but in order to get into the porch, you had to walk outside. Not a big deal if it's not raining. This really wasn't a big deal but it led to an awkward layout. We also realized that the screening was not done well, so we were actually enclosed in a bug room. There were more bugs stuck inside the screened porch then outside. What else? Oh yeah, the porch closed off a bay window in the kitchen. It led to a super dark kitchen. And last but not least, we needed MORE ROOM!

So, we have decided to close it and make it an addition onto the house. The structure and roof were already there so we thought it was the best/easiest way to add living space.
I want the room to look like part of the house though. Not like a screened in porch that was closed in with windows. So it has become a much bigger job than first expected.
Here is where we are now...
All of the windows are in and the french doors. (I had a model when I was taking some pics to update! A pretty stinkin' cute model!)

The ceiling was lifted to make it a vaulted ceiling and the subfloor is down. (Two more cuties!)

All of the walls are insulated and the heat and AC unit was installed this week. Because the room is surrounded by windows and will not cool/heat the same as the rest of the house, we had to put a mini split AC/Heat on the wall. Don't they know that It just did not fit my design! :) You can see it below. It is much smaller than I expected and will blend in once we paint the room. And it works so well! I have learned to compromise and accept the ugly white box! (where the gray insulation is on the right, that is a temporary wall. That will lead into the kitchen when the room is finished and opened up. Right now, it is closed to keep the dust out from all the work!)

Now comes the hard part. Up until now, it has been just dealing with dust, noise, and writing checks. But now the rest of the work is our deal. We are going to do all of the interior work including planked walls, trim work, and hardwood floors. AND DECORATING!

The plan is that 1/2 of the room will be a casual dining room area and the other 1/2 will be a living/sitting area with more space for entertaining.
Jimmy works on it on the weekend and in the evening. Yesterday morning, I went out and saw the first wall completed with the plank walls. AND I JUST LOVE THEM!!!! Jimmy does not love the fact that staggered seams are a must, but it looks perfect. I can't wait to see them painted!

I just cannot wait to share more progress as we go. Jimmy's goal is to be done by Jordan's birthday (end of june), my goal is slightly sooner....Memorial Day!
I'm working on a post about my decorating inspiration for the room. LOTS OF IDEAS!

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