Black French Doors

Painted Black French doors are something I dream about through pinterest....
black french doors
More black French doors.
(The kitchen above happens to be one of my FAVORITE pinned kitchens anyway.
I just LOVE the lantern and the herringbone floor.)
See how the black French doors pop on the light colored walls? I also think it is much easier to see what is going on outside because the white isn't there to distract and break up the "big picture".
It's funny how you can really adore something from afar but then when it comes to your own house, nerves set in.
When we were building our sunroom on to the house this past spring, we knew we were going to install French doors out to the deck area. I envisioned staining the wood doors but there seemed to be too many different wood grains and stains going on...
So we started to think about painting them. Jimmy was 100% on board for the black but I had reservations at first. He talked me into it anyway and I have to say....I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!
Here is the finished product...

 What do you think? Shhhh...don't tell Jimmy but I'm thinking about painting some interior doors black as well! :)



  1. Really beautiful Heather, I LOVE this look! Black can be as fresh as white in the right settings, as you prove here!

    Judi Lazoff (who cannot figure out the 'comment as" business, so I just put anonymous! LOL

  2. Looks amazing! Great job!


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