Bread Boards

I have a crush on vintage bread boards...with lots of character and years to them....
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I have been wanting to start a collection. There are tons on ETSY for sale but the price tags are often high. After seeing a collection for sale on Antique Farmhouse (one of my favorite sites, by the way) for around $120, I decided that we could make something similar for free.

We pulled out some old wood that we picked up from Second Chance. It had knots, color variations, and character.

I drew a pattern free hand on some poster board for Jimmy to follow.
And he cut them out in a few minutes....

Here is the beginning of my collection. They may not be "authentic" vintage bread boards but they play the part for now...

Now I am trying to decide if I want to stain them or leave them bare....what do you think?? I'm thinking they need some dark walnut stain!



  1. The one with the knots, standing up in the back .. leave that bare, and do the other two!


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