Bye Bye Baby Crib...

I can't believe it. My days of having a baby in the house are coming to an end. As I type, my heart is fluttering a bit just thinking about it.

 I am a BABY LOVER! I just adore every single stage including the pregnancy. I think it is just amazing...a sweet newborn, turn into an infant, and then a toddler...

Carson graduated to a big boy bed a few weeks ago. He had a few naps in between in his crib. I think that was just because it was still in the room and for old times sake. But it is officially moved out of the house... and he officially wakes up at 4 am most night :)

It's a new day for our family. I have to admit. I thought I would be the girl that never felt the "complete" feeling. I thought I would just yearn for another baby every time one moved out of the stage. But, there were no tears today. No tears as we moved the crib out. I knew it was the end of that stage and I feel content with it.

I love the idea of the next chapter. Time to do big kid things....and I have to say there is something amazing about no longer revolving our day around a nap schedule.

Here's to a new phase in our little family. It's exciting....
Now let's just hope this doesn't change when Carson eventually goes to school....
I can always buy another crib, right?? :) :) (just kidding, Jimmy!!!)

Not really :)


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