Pumpkin Spice Lattes :)

The entire past week has been filled with thunderstorms and dark, dreary days here in Maryland....

Hasn't felt much like August...
So, I have been thinking a lot about fall these last few days.
I was WAY behind the times until last year.
I had never even tried anything pumpkin or pumpkin spice....ever.
Then I was introduced to those yummy treats and I am HOOKED!
Funny Seasonal Ecard: When is the first day of fall? Honey, everyone knows it's when Starbucks starts serving pumpkin spice lattes.

I also found a recipe on another blog for a copycat recipe of a skinny pumpkin spice latte....YUM!!
(click on the photo for the recipe/credit)
Skinny Pumpkin Spice Latte via thesouthernspark.com 4 WW points
I plan on cherishing these last few weeks with the kids home.
Several day trips planned and getting in as much pool time as possible.

and then... looking forward to crisp air, football, pumpkin Everything,
windows open, fall decorating....
oh, I love this time of year.


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