Updated Quote art

Hey friends,
I'm back...again, I know.
I don't mean to leave the blog idle for so long but life gets in the way sometimes.
 And I guess, if I am honest, so does my confidence.
But I miss it! I miss hearing that I have inspired...and I miss sharing my projects.
We recently had friends over and I heard them talking about our home and pointing out all of the projects we have done ourselves.
 It made me realize that I want to continue the blog and sharing our hardwork.
Hoping to update on a much more regular basis.
I have worked on some blog design as well. Anyone that knows me well, knows that I can hang with anyone doing a DIY project but this computer is THE MOST FRUSTRATING part of blogging. So I committed to figuring it out. Not sure it fits ME yet but its a constant project to work on. What I am excited about are the pink buttons on the right. It makes it much easier to follow the blog. Without followers, it's hard to know who is out there reading. If you can, please follow along through email or FB.... Thanks!
So, while I have been gone, we have had a TON of projects going on....
Here is a little one that we updated! 
Do you remember this quote art that I made with mod podge and canvas?


Red isn't my color of choice for decorating in my kitchen these days so I updated it with neutrals... Same idea, mod podge and scrapbook paper on canvas....super easy and very personalized!

The red one is for sale though. Are you interested? Email me at HeatherSN9@hotmail.com.

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