New ETSY items

I've added some new signs to my ETSY shop! Don't forget to check them out and keep me in mind as you start to think about holiday gifts or decorating your own home for the holidays!
I would LOVE to make you a custom sign!

Here are a few of my first Christmas signs...

This one is MY FAVORITE sign that I have made so far!

A simple Merry Christmas...


This sign can be displayed year-round or goes perfect for FALL and Holiday D├ęcor...

This one is priceless to us because it's a little saying that we say with our kids every night...
Is there something you say to your family that is special to you??




Our COFFEE sign is now for sale!



 Our little sign business is a really exciting adventure for us! :) :)
Remember to check out ETSY when you are shopping for your home or gift-giving. There are some fabulous creative goods to buy! Most of the people that own the shops are just like you and I... whether they are doing it for some extra money or to be able to stay home with their kids.


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