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On a daily basis, with 3 children, I have about 50 papers coming into my home. I know all the Mom's reading this can relate. Bills, coupons, circulars, schoolwork, permission slips, etc, etc, etc.

This ordeal leaves me feeling unorganized, so I needed a solution. I was inspired for years and always wanted a "command center". All of the best professional organizers suggest these areas in your home. Here is where I started getting inspired...

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photo from Pinterest but originally from PotteryBarn
I needed a place to drop the mail and organize the bills from the school work from the trash. I have a corner in the kitchen that worked perfectly. Originally the last owners left a crappy set of shelves in this space. It became my dumping ground and was a ridiculous mess when we first moved in. This is so embarassing to show but it was reality for the first several weeks...

Here is how we got the mess under control. This is what I came up with (for VERY LITTLE cost!) ...

I am so thankful for this area now because it helps me with clutter on the counter and gives me a space to organize all of the papers coming in...
Here is how I did it...
The black trashcan was built for us by my very talented father-in-law. I saw a similar one at the amish market near us for a pretty penny and he built it for us as a house warming gift.
My husband hung a piece of wood as a "make shift counter area". I hung a piece of fabric on a tension rod to the right of the trashcan for an area to toss my purse and not having it sit out near the door. I found the black organization cubby on the counter area at home goods along with a pencil holder and notecards. I even have a jar there to drop extra change when we walk in...

These are two regular clipboards that I purchased for close to a dollar each. I just covered them with contact paper from the dollar store to make them more attractive.

Every area in the home can use a personal touch so I put a plaque with a quote that I love and a picture of my family too.
The corkboard holds party invitations, tickets, etc.

This is one of the most important parts to me. It was a pocket organizer that I got from a home party years ago. I used to just shove papers in wherever which was far from organizing. I added little tags to each pocket to label what goes in them. Coupons, Bills, To Be Filed, Restaurant Coupons, etc. I also marked a pocket for each child so I have a place to separate important papers for them.

It's not exactly Pottery Barn Style but it works. Clutter and papers = stress for me so it keeps us on track. Do you have an area that you could use for something similar?
Right now, in our home, we are getting ready to close in our screened in porch to make a sunroom/dining room area. We signed with a contractor and ordered windows and doors. I have been glued to pinterest to make decisions about floors, lighting, walls, hardware. You name it...
These are the times when I realize just how indecisive I can be...
But the whole project is SO EXCITING!!!
Can't wait to share it!


Accent Table Redo- Herringbone!

This little table is one of the first pieces that we bought when we moved into our first house. It has moved several times and served several purposes. The style, however, doesn't fit in our home anymore. I wanted to redo it to fit other styles.

Here she is before with red and yellow tones....

And here she is now.... After a little Annie Sloan Chalk Paint LOVE!

I just love HERRINGBONE these days!!!! I try to stay away from too many trendy patterns but I think Herringbone is a keeper! And I thought for such a small table, it should be a small area of detail.

I am working on a new post series to start tomorrow. We are also looking into some ways to get this business off and running....very excited!

Have a great Thursday! Carson and I are spending the day in pajamas with a fire roaring.....ready for spring!!!!!

If you are interested in this piece or any future pieces, please email me at
As always, if you have question, leave me a message in the comments section below OR email me!

Dreaming of Stacked Stone

In our 8 1/2 years of marriage, we have dreamed about a cozy stone fireplace in our home. We LOVE bringing outside elements such as reclaimed wood, stone, brick, etc. inside the home. Some don't agree but we think it adds character, warmth, and texture to the room. The more texture, the better in our eyes.

This home is our forever home. We will make changes, we will add on to make more space....but we plan on staying here. That is something I have never been able to say before. Our previous homes were beautiful but we knew quickly after settlement that we would not call them home forever. There is a sense of peace when you can say that you never want to move again.....

So, we decided we needed that dream fireplace here. Our inspiration came from pictures we have saved over the years and Pinterest, of course. Here are a few.....

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photo from

photo from

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You get the point! I love that warm "home-y" feel from the stone!

So, here is where we started originally...

The pieces of wood that you see on top were part of our first mantle makeover. We were inspired by The Lettered Cottage's Fireplace makeover and ended up with this....

It was a HUGE improvement to us. We added a reclaimed wood look without the price of a solid mantle piece. Check out their tutorial here if you are interested.

But we were still dreaming about our stone fireplace. One day I was browsing our local hardware store and came across a display with the exact stone I wanted. It quickly became our next project.
We waited until the stone was in stock and ripped the old mantle from the wall the day after thanksgiving. That's how we do things around here....We just dive in and learn as we go. Jimmy and I had NEVER done a stone project, brick project, OR a tile project. We actually had NO IDEA what we had just gotten ourselves into. Most people were decorating for Christmas and we were ripping our living room apart. (And leaving for Disney 5 days later...are we nuts??)
We went to a local hardwood floor distributor to get a big piece of reclaimed wood to use as a mantel and 2 corbels to match. That, itself, was a serious job to attach to the wall. It was about 100 pounds. With some research and calls to professionals, we figured out what was needed to attach it. Jimmy and I attached it on our own!
After that it was prep work to get the wall prepared and then it was like doing a puzzle. Trying to arrange the stone to fit in rows together. This process took up a lot of room and time but was fairly easy.

We also had a lot of little "HELPERS"!!!

Here is the finished product! We could not be happier! It has changed this room completely!

And here it was decorated for Christmas!

Before this project, we never used the fireplace. We use it almost EVERYDAY now!
I won't lie, this was a much bigger project than we anticipated! But worth every moment of frustration or uncertainty. We are so proud that we completed it ourselves!

Thanks for checking out another project!
As always, please feel free to ask questions or comment!

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Scalloped Bliss

I found this beautiful friend over a year ago.
 She has been sitting in my garage while I was in my little inspiration FUNK! Well, since I got my creative bug back, I have been on a painting spree. And here she is now...

I painted with French Linen. I ABSOLUTELY love this color. It looks amazing with distressing added and I think it is the PERFECT gray neutral. The table also has some amazing detail, don't you think? Which makes it all come together...
I am absolutely thrilled to offer this one as my very first piece to sell. I truly LOVE it but I know that I will probably say that a lot as I continue on. So, with a saddened heart, I know she is not mine.  I am hoping that I won't grow emotionally attached to every piece because I just don't have the room!
Please email me at if you are interested in this piece! :)
Heather :)

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PB shelf knock-off

This is BY FAR, one of my favorite posts and projects that we have created. Another challenge from a Pottery Barn catalog picture! It is a statement piece. It filled a wall that has been sitting empty and literally made me crazy!

This is the space. A vacant area between two windows. At one point, I had an armoire in that spot. Then I moved the sofa in front and thought about a gallery wall of frames, or maybe a big clock, or maybe....

Until I saw THIS in the Pottery Barn Catalog....
                     Photo from

                     Photo from

It sells for $399!!! I LOVE its distressed white appeal! Not that I won't spend $399 on something I love, but a shelf can't be that!

And it is 60" wide which is HUGE! I loved how they placed it above a bed though...and the size works there.
I, however, only had 42" of space.

                                  Photo from

After some time of staring at the pictures from the catalog, we devised a plan. Ours would not be an exact copy but it would be close. Jimmy picked up lumber for around $70 total.
1- 1x12
1- 1x6
1- 1x2 or 2x3
crown molding
decorative molding
I have to say though, I was involved with the initial planning of how to make the shelf...and then when it was all completed, I painted and distressed it. But, Jimmy did all of the building alone...

And as a side note!
I am SO thankful for a husband that is open to challenges and willing to try..... JA <3
I think the pictures will do most of the explaining...
We started out deciding to make it a two boxes and then attaching them to be two-tiered.
(This picture is the shelf upside down as we attached them!)

We then added moldings for achieve a three-tier look with crown molding.

Flipped right side up....and you get to check out our LOVELY laundry room and work room also! Pinterest worthy? :)
Cutting molding can be tricky as you can see....but we just make adjustments and add some spackle in the cracks!
We then added other decorative moldings wherever we thought they looked best. We really didn't try to do it exactly the same as the PB shelf but wanted a similar look. So this is the part that can make it your own! You can also see that we sanded some of the crown molding so it would absorb the stain later. That way we would be able to distress on that area as well.

 The next step was to stain the whole shelf. I do this anytime I work with new wood because I like to distress after painting and I want the dark stain to show through. You could skip this step if you were just planning on painting one solid color!


After that, it is time to paint. I used Annie Sloan's Old White. Same color I used on my armoire AND on my kitchen cabinets (which have held up beautifully, I might add!) I distressed the piece after that. The best part about this paint is that it is forgiving. I originally distressed way more than I anticipated so I just went back, repainted, and started that area again.
AND HERE IT IS! And I Absolutely adore it!

Another option would be to make one of these shelves if you don't have a fireplace mantel!!!!

I can breath a sigh of relief now as I pass through this room! Anyone into decorating can relate to the annoyance of bare walls.
Hope you love it too!
If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask! :)

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