Live Simply...

Those two words, LIVE SIMPLY. So easy to say, so hard to do. It can relate to the way you live your life, your home, your belongings, your actions.
It's so easy to get caught up in the race for the things others have, and you want. It's harder to resist temptation and just be thankful.
I am guilty. I live through blogs, pinterest, decorating, wanting to dress cute and not look like a mom of 3, wanting my kids to have cute clothes, etc. The list goes on.
But recently, I have become more grounded. I STILL live through blogs, pinterest, etc. I can't help it. It's a passion that I have to fill. But I am trying to do it in a different way. A way that brings more contentment to my life how it is today and not what it will be tomorrow.
I have changed my spending habits for my home. I realized when I first started buying furniture and home goods, that I just bought because something was "cute". Now I have changed. I can only have so much "stuff" and I want my home to be filled with only things I absolutely love.                         
Not just space fillers.
So, I am simplifying. I am purging. I am getting rid of so much crap. Material things that mean nothing, serve no purpose, and weigh me down. I started with my closet. UGH! My closet! I have held on to clothes for years. They still fit so I would wear them one day, right? Wrong! They have sat there. Taking up space. And needed to go. I got rid of shoes that I haven't worn all year.
And from my closet, I moved into my bedroom and each drawer or space that needed to be simplified. It is freeing to purge. To fill up bags with crap. And really that is all it is. STUFF!
I am certainly not going on the show HOARDERS next week, but I have a tendency to collect. I hold on to the magazines, because one day I may want that article. Or the trial size shampoo from the hotels. Even though it is terrible.
I encourage you to come along with me and simplify. Normally, I would have a rhyme or reason....but right now I don't. Except that the less clutter and STUFF, the better I feel. Try just one closet, one junk drawer, one kitchen cabinet. You will probably feel like me and wonder why you have some of the stuff you have held on to. 
I should probably also encourage local people to hit up my local goodwill if you want to go the opposite way. I have made 5 donation stops in the past week :) :)

Buffalo Chicken Pizza

Cooking can be crafty too, Right?

I had to share this yummy treat! I made it a few nights ago and we just LOVED it!
It was SO easy and full of flavor.

I get sick of plain old pizza way faster than everyone else in my family. My children would choose to eat that several times a week if they could. Truth be told, I LOVE pizza nights but more because I don't have to do any work and paper plates are definitely acceptable! :)

So my kids had boring old cheese pizza and Jimmy and I made BUFFALO CHICKEN PIZZA. Here is the SIMPLE recipe-

Homemade or Store bought pizza crust
1/2 cup tomato sauce
4 tbsp franks red hot sauce
1 tbsp worsheshire sauce
bite size pieces of grilled chicken
Shredded Mozzarella OR Mont Jack Cheese
Optional: Chopped Green Onions
Light Ranch Dressing for dipping (a necessity!)



One thing in homes that stands the test of time and makes my heart rustic beams! Everything about them screams HOME to me. Here is some pinterest love for beams...
and did I mention, I just placed my order yesterday for my beams for the sunroom !!!!
(screaming!! :))

Comfortable at home.

Exposed beams

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

These peeps did their kitchen renovation in 3 weeks — bananas! Love the brown exposed beams against the white ceiling. Love the cluster chandelier above the kitchen table. Love just about everything in this space. #inspiration

exposed beams

I can't wait to share them with you!

Sunroom progress

I have mentioned a lot about the addition we are putting on our house but I haven't written a formal blog post about it. Many people are asking about the progress so I thought I would update. It's definitely in progress! And I am ready for the end result! PATIENCE!!!! Not my strong suit!

Let's see, where to begin.

When we first moved in, we thought the screened in porch was AMAZING. In fact, it was one of the biggest selling features of the house. We loved the idea of eating outdoors (which we do nightly when the weather is nice) and taking advantage of the gorgeous view of our backyard.

But quickly we realized a few flaws. First of all was the layout of the back of the house. It's hard to capture in pictures but in order to get into the porch, you had to walk outside. Not a big deal if it's not raining. This really wasn't a big deal but it led to an awkward layout. We also realized that the screening was not done well, so we were actually enclosed in a bug room. There were more bugs stuck inside the screened porch then outside. What else? Oh yeah, the porch closed off a bay window in the kitchen. It led to a super dark kitchen. And last but not least, we needed MORE ROOM!

So, we have decided to close it and make it an addition onto the house. The structure and roof were already there so we thought it was the best/easiest way to add living space.
I want the room to look like part of the house though. Not like a screened in porch that was closed in with windows. So it has become a much bigger job than first expected.
Here is where we are now...
All of the windows are in and the french doors. (I had a model when I was taking some pics to update! A pretty stinkin' cute model!)

The ceiling was lifted to make it a vaulted ceiling and the subfloor is down. (Two more cuties!)

All of the walls are insulated and the heat and AC unit was installed this week. Because the room is surrounded by windows and will not cool/heat the same as the rest of the house, we had to put a mini split AC/Heat on the wall. Don't they know that It just did not fit my design! :) You can see it below. It is much smaller than I expected and will blend in once we paint the room. And it works so well! I have learned to compromise and accept the ugly white box! (where the gray insulation is on the right, that is a temporary wall. That will lead into the kitchen when the room is finished and opened up. Right now, it is closed to keep the dust out from all the work!)

Now comes the hard part. Up until now, it has been just dealing with dust, noise, and writing checks. But now the rest of the work is our deal. We are going to do all of the interior work including planked walls, trim work, and hardwood floors. AND DECORATING!

The plan is that 1/2 of the room will be a casual dining room area and the other 1/2 will be a living/sitting area with more space for entertaining.
Jimmy works on it on the weekend and in the evening. Yesterday morning, I went out and saw the first wall completed with the plank walls. AND I JUST LOVE THEM!!!! Jimmy does not love the fact that staggered seams are a must, but it looks perfect. I can't wait to see them painted!

I just cannot wait to share more progress as we go. Jimmy's goal is to be done by Jordan's birthday (end of june), my goal is slightly sooner....Memorial Day!
I'm working on a post about my decorating inspiration for the room. LOTS OF IDEAS!

Life is beautiful...

My daughter, Aubrey and I were checking out the local goodwill one day recently. It happens often. We just stop in. Just for a few minutes. Just to check out what they have.

She has become my favorite thrifting buddy. She searches through the shelves...saying "oh mommy, look at this" or "well, this is cute!". I love it. She sees potential. While most would think its crap, she can see what I see. It's pretty heartwarming.

She spotted this mirror for $10. I just loved it. I loved the details. We also needed something tall and it was perfect.

Someone had previously given a half attempt to painting it white. It must have started to chip off and they decided it was crap. They didn't know that chipping paint is the look I strive to achieve!

I brought it home and stashed it in the garage. I leave things there until I have time to get to them or I think awhile about what I want to do with it.

I came up with an idea this past weekend and went to work. I first painted it with graphite Annie Sloan chalk paint. It's the closest they have to black but it is really more of a charcoal gray.

Then I added some lettering. I came up with the design on my silhouette cutting machine but ended up having to hand paint the letters. Don't ask! The vinyl was pulling the paint off.
I chose "Life is Beautiful" in french. A nice reminder each day because it certainly is! :)

I am planning on using this in the sunroom OR in the upstairs hallway.... but until then you only get pics of it in the basement propped against the wall. Sorry! :)


I love the neutrals and personal touch that silhouettes add to home. They are all over the Internet and I needed to have some too.

 I have been meaning to do this project for over a year, and finally did it. I hate when I put something off forever, and then realize it takes about an hour to finish.

I started by posing the kids in front of a white wall for a picture. They thought this was silly and had no clue what was going on.
(Honestly, I think they look like creepy mugshots at this point!)
I also added a silhouette of a Labrador Retriever. Anyone that knows me well, knows that my Madison was my very first child. She was a must for this project!

After that, I printed the pics out of regular computer paper. Low quality but that doesn't matter with this project.

I cut the pictures out very carefully to keep all of those important details.
Then I glued the photos upside down onto regular black poster board. (I only did it upside down because I knew I wanted the silhouettes to face the left. Otherwise, it doesn't matter)
I cut out the photos again on the black poster board.
Using the black side up now, I decided to paint them over again. I wanted a true black so I used some black acrylic paint that I had laying around.

I bought 4 frames from Walmart for $3 each and used burlap sheets (available at the local craft store) as the background/mat.
Here is the finished project!!!! (Please ignore the blue paint tape and temporary wall in the picture! This will eventually lead to the addition to the house! I couldn't wait for it to be done to share the project! I also went back after the photo to straighten them out...I will get a better pic when construction is over!)
Total spent:
$12 for black frames
$1 for poster board
Black acrylic paint-free because I had it but would be less than $1
Burlap sheets $3

$16!!!!! And I just love them! Anything that shows off these 4 of my favorites makes me smile!



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