You already know all about my love for rustic exposed beams. Well, I am SO excited to share with you MY BEAMS!

When we started our sunroom project, the ceilings were 7 feet tall. I came up with a crazy idea to rip out the ceilings and have the drywall follow the roof line. I wanted them to be vaulted towards the house. The extra space gave me room to play and even more ideas. I knew this was the perfect place to put exposed beams.

We pitched the idea of solid wood beams to our contractor. He was more than happy to acccomodate but explained the extra steps needed to support the weight and bulk of real wood. We then realized it was not a job we were comfortable with completely as a DIY. After we spoke to our go-to beam guy, we also realized that in addition to the extra installation work to install solid beams, the cost was about 4 times more than we were hoping to spend.

I did a TON of research online and almost fell off my chair when I came across some blog posts from other DIY blogs and other websites introducing me to a company called AZ FAUX BEAMS. I sat with my mouth open wide as I watched you tube videos about installation and realized how amazing/realistic their product is.

AZ Faux Beams Logo

I contacted the company to get some samples of their different beams. When the box was delivered, I just couldn't believe my eyes. They looked like rustic barnwood beams that weighed next to nothing. I won't say I wasn't nervous waiting to see if I was going to be pleasantly surprised or severely disappointed. It was a risk ordering something that you can only see a sample of....but believe me, it was nothing but pure excitement when they arrived.

The company was amazing to work with as well. It took me awhile to pull the trigger and to decide which beam I wanted to go with. They were patient and so helpful throughout the whole project.

Tracy from beneath my heart has a great post about the beams and made an installation video. It is so helpful... Check it out here!

Here are some pics of the beams in our sunroom. It's hard to capture the true character these beams give to the room. They are everything we were hoping for and more!!!!! ( you also get to see some updated pics on the sunroom. We are almost done....waiting on our new dining table now...)





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