Coffee Sign

While I was cleaning up and simplifying today, I finally finished a sign I have been working on for awhile. I made this for our coffee station that we put together months ago. I wanted a "vintage" looking coffee sign...and I love how it turned out.

And I finally got my Anthropologie mugs that I have been eyeing for some time. Jimmy and I were there a few weeks ago, and I chose them over a new shirt. They are perfect on this little stand that I got at World Market. And I can't wait to use them for hot chocolate as it gets colder....

Back to School

 It's Back to School time! I am both crying and smiling at the same time! I will miss my Jordan and Aubrey being home with me everyday. I love summer and the lack of schedule. But in the same breath, I am ready for some kind of routine and order in this house. They spent the last week of vacation at each others throats, so I thought I was going to throw a party.
 But it turns out, I felt very sad instead.
So very thankful for an absolutely amazing school that we send them to!

Personalized Mr & Mrs Pillows

A few months ago, my youngest sister got married. As you already know, I LOVE personalized things so I went with that theme. I created these two pillows for their new home together. I think they chose to use them on their bed, but they could be used on a sofa, bed, or any sitting area.
I have listed these pillows on my etsy shop as well.
 Personalized with a last name OR just Mr & Mrs. :)
Heather xoxo

Black French Doors

Painted Black French doors are something I dream about through pinterest....
black french doors
More black French doors.
(The kitchen above happens to be one of my FAVORITE pinned kitchens anyway.
I just LOVE the lantern and the herringbone floor.)
See how the black French doors pop on the light colored walls? I also think it is much easier to see what is going on outside because the white isn't there to distract and break up the "big picture".
It's funny how you can really adore something from afar but then when it comes to your own house, nerves set in.
When we were building our sunroom on to the house this past spring, we knew we were going to install French doors out to the deck area. I envisioned staining the wood doors but there seemed to be too many different wood grains and stains going on...
So we started to think about painting them. Jimmy was 100% on board for the black but I had reservations at first. He talked me into it anyway and I have to say....I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!
Here is the finished product...

 What do you think? Shhhh...don't tell Jimmy but I'm thinking about painting some interior doors black as well! :)


Handpainted Signs...and exciting new beginning

One of my favorite new hobbies is to handpaint signs. I find it almost therapeutic to sit quietly and paint. I will share with you some of the ones I have been working on lately as they get finished.

I finished this sign yesterday. I was looking for something to put above my back door in the sunroom. This quote gave me goosebumps when I first heard it.

It's the Mom in me that knows that my sweet LITTLE children will not always stay LITTLE.
And it's the HOME to me that means comfort and haven. 
I think quotes are one of the backbones of life. I mean that. You know the quote that makes you stop in your tracks and look at life differently. Even if just for a second.
So, I am excited to start a new beginning. I am FINALLY opening my etsy shop. To say it is fear, nerves, excitement, and so much more that has stood in my way is an understatement. But it is happening.
I will start with a big variety of items as I can get them listed. I love to make personalized home goods so that is what I will stick with for now. It may take me a few days to get things posted but please check it out.
This sign is the first item that will be listed. It can be made just the way it is shown above OR I can make a personalized sign with any quote or wording that you choose.
Sometimes it's just time to jump in and go for it...
I'll leave you with a short clip of a song that pushed me when I least expected it....Love this song!
Thank you for supporting me on this new journey.... :)


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Bye Bye Baby Crib...

I can't believe it. My days of having a baby in the house are coming to an end. As I type, my heart is fluttering a bit just thinking about it.

 I am a BABY LOVER! I just adore every single stage including the pregnancy. I think it is just amazing...a sweet newborn, turn into an infant, and then a toddler...

Carson graduated to a big boy bed a few weeks ago. He had a few naps in between in his crib. I think that was just because it was still in the room and for old times sake. But it is officially moved out of the house... and he officially wakes up at 4 am most night :)

It's a new day for our family. I have to admit. I thought I would be the girl that never felt the "complete" feeling. I thought I would just yearn for another baby every time one moved out of the stage. But, there were no tears today. No tears as we moved the crib out. I knew it was the end of that stage and I feel content with it.

I love the idea of the next chapter. Time to do big kid things....and I have to say there is something amazing about no longer revolving our day around a nap schedule.

Here's to a new phase in our little family. It's exciting....
Now let's just hope this doesn't change when Carson eventually goes to school....
I can always buy another crib, right?? :) :) (just kidding, Jimmy!!!)

Not really :)


Jennifer Rizzo Kitchen Reno

Every once in awhile, I see a post on another blog that literally makes my mouth drop open. Jennifer Rizzo's $12,000 kitchen renovation is one of them! PLEASE check this out!

distressed hutch

Wood countertops white kitchen

(Both pictures above are from Jennifer Rizzo's blog:
That craigslist hutch is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!! and I just LOVE the wood countertops!
I just had to share this one!
Heather :)

Bread Boards

I have a crush on vintage bread boards...with lots of character and years to them....
(Click on the photos for links and credit)

I have been wanting to start a collection. There are tons on ETSY for sale but the price tags are often high. After seeing a collection for sale on Antique Farmhouse (one of my favorite sites, by the way) for around $120, I decided that we could make something similar for free.

We pulled out some old wood that we picked up from Second Chance. It had knots, color variations, and character.

I drew a pattern free hand on some poster board for Jimmy to follow.
And he cut them out in a few minutes....

Here is the beginning of my collection. They may not be "authentic" vintage bread boards but they play the part for now...

Now I am trying to decide if I want to stain them or leave them bare....what do you think?? I'm thinking they need some dark walnut stain!


Pumpkin Spice Lattes :)

The entire past week has been filled with thunderstorms and dark, dreary days here in Maryland....

Hasn't felt much like August...
So, I have been thinking a lot about fall these last few days.
I was WAY behind the times until last year.
I had never even tried anything pumpkin or pumpkin spice....ever.
Then I was introduced to those yummy treats and I am HOOKED!
Funny Seasonal Ecard: When is the first day of fall? Honey, everyone knows it's when Starbucks starts serving pumpkin spice lattes.

I also found a recipe on another blog for a copycat recipe of a skinny pumpkin spice latte....YUM!!
(click on the photo for the recipe/credit)
Skinny Pumpkin Spice Latte via 4 WW points
I plan on cherishing these last few weeks with the kids home.
Several day trips planned and getting in as much pool time as possible.

and then... looking forward to crisp air, football, pumpkin Everything,
windows open, fall decorating....
oh, I love this time of year.


Updated Quote art

Hey friends,
I'm back...again, I know.
I don't mean to leave the blog idle for so long but life gets in the way sometimes.
 And I guess, if I am honest, so does my confidence.
But I miss it! I miss hearing that I have inspired...and I miss sharing my projects.
We recently had friends over and I heard them talking about our home and pointing out all of the projects we have done ourselves.
 It made me realize that I want to continue the blog and sharing our hardwork.
Hoping to update on a much more regular basis.
I have worked on some blog design as well. Anyone that knows me well, knows that I can hang with anyone doing a DIY project but this computer is THE MOST FRUSTRATING part of blogging. So I committed to figuring it out. Not sure it fits ME yet but its a constant project to work on. What I am excited about are the pink buttons on the right. It makes it much easier to follow the blog. Without followers, it's hard to know who is out there reading. If you can, please follow along through email or FB.... Thanks!
So, while I have been gone, we have had a TON of projects going on....
Here is a little one that we updated! 
Do you remember this quote art that I made with mod podge and canvas?


Red isn't my color of choice for decorating in my kitchen these days so I updated it with neutrals... Same idea, mod podge and scrapbook paper on canvas....super easy and very personalized!

The red one is for sale though. Are you interested? Email me at


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